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Matty Brennan training blog & updates

Here is an update from Matty Brennan – our Dig Deep Peak District competition winner.   The next you will be seeing of Matty will be in the next trail running training film and we will be talking about his nutrition – hopefully with three very different athletes we should get a good cross section of knowledge and experience when it comes to nutrition.

trail races suffolk trail races peak district

Suffolk trail races and ultra marathons 2014. Peak district trail races and ultra marathons 2014

“The last few weeks havebeen a bit of a mixed bag – had a fantastic result from the Grizedale Trail 26, coming 2nd in 3:37, but then caught a dose of man-flu, which hasn’t been helpful to my training at all!
The week ending with the Grizedale race was my biggest so far, covering 54 miles, with the last 2 weeks both at around 20, with approximately 2 or 3 runs per week, with my pace massively off.

Feeling much better now however, with a big trail running weekend this weekend – running around Shropshire and the Long Mynd tomorrow (Saturday 15th March) with the Torq Performance Trail Team, and then another long one Sunday at the UTPD recce day.

My first “tester” trail race is a week on Saturday, the Hardmoors 55. I’m rested, recovered and ready for it”


Matty Brennan, training diary for UTPD

Matty Brennan, training diary for UTPD

Thank you to everybody who joined us on the Dig Deep Recce day – it was a fantastic event, even if the weather wasn’t as kind as the week before.  The event was led by Dave Taylor of Fell Running Guide and Ian Loombe our Race Director.  Outside were fantastic hosts and we will be meeting there for the next one!

If you missed the March Recce Day don’t worry, our next one is on 13th April – follow this link to book your place: April Recce Day


If you need to scrub up on your navigation then it’s worth having a gander at the Navigation course, which are run by Dave Taylor of Fell Running guide – the next course is on the 12th of April: Book Here

In other news have you seen us in the latest edition of Trail Running Magazine?  Make sure you pick up your copy quick to be in with a chance of winning a fantastic bag from our sponsors Mammut – and the chance to win freeentry to any of our Dig Deep Peak District races!

trail running magazine 

Trail races and ultra marathons in Suffolk

Check out our latest addition to the Dig Deep Race Series: Dig Deep Suffolk, 6th&7th September 2014.

Featuring 4 fantastic trail races through Suffolk:

5.5 mile Rendlesham Dash Suffolk Trail Race starts at 10:30am on Sunday 7th September £13.00

20KM Rendlesham Suffolk Trail race starts at 10:15am on Sunday 7th September £17.00

28 mile Suffolk Trail ‘Intro Ultra’ starts at 10am on Saturday 6th September £40.00

50 mile: ULTRA Tour of Suffolk (Suffolk trail ultra marathon) starts at 8am on Saturday 6th September £55.00




92 Days To go…#DigDeepPeakDistrict !!

There is now 92 days to go until the UTPD trail ultra marathon and Amy has sent us her latest training installment.  You’ll be seeing a bit more of Amy in our next film where the emphasis will be on nutrition, which I’m sure many of you will agree is a bit of a minefield! There is so much information out there it’s hard to know where to start and what is right for one person isn’t always the best thing for another.  So hopefully our next film might be able to give you an idea on where to start and also an insight into how other athletes eat.  Happy training this weekend and now over to Amy…

trail running races in the peak district

“I’ve just finished the 12th week of my 25 week training plan for the UTPD, which has been a 60 mile week.  The whole plan looked really daunting when I stuck it on the wall at the end of last year, so it’s really satisfying to see I’ve now nearly reached the halfway point!

I’ve been really enjoying my long runs over the past few weekends. I think this is in part due to improving weather (a little bit of sun does a lot for morale!) and also part due to the fact that I have been noticing improvement in my performance – I feel like I’m hurting less and recovering faster than before and it’s good to think that my hard work is taking effect!

Amy Freeman, training for UTPD, in Mammut

Amy Freeman, training for UTPD, in Mammut

I ran my first long race of the year this weekend, the 32 mile Haworth Hobble, and I really enjoyed it. My first ultra was the Dig Deep Intro last July, which took me 7 hours to complete. The Hobble has similar elevation and is 2 miles longer, but I finished in 6 hours which I am super happy with. It was also nice to meet fellow UTPD first timer Drew, who recognised me from the training blog video, and chat about our training over post-race stew!

The UTPD is almost double the distance of my current long run, so I still have a lot of work to do and miles to clock in preparation.  But as I’m starting to see the effects of my training, I’m feeling confident I can get there. Fingers crossed!”


Check out our latest addition to the Dig Deep Race Series: Dig Deep Suffolk, 6th&7th September 2014.

Featuring 4 fantastic trail races through Suffolk:

5.5 mile Rendlesham Dash Suffolk Trail Race starts at 10:30am on Sunday 7th September £13.00

20KM Rendlesham Suffolk Trail race starts at 10:15am on Sunday 7th September £17.00

28 mile Suffolk Trail ‘Intro Ultra’ starts at 10am on Saturday 6th September £40.00

50 mile: ULTRA Tour of Suffolk  (Suffolk trail ultra marathon) starts at 8am on Saturday 6th September £55.00

World Challenge Results
March 18, 2014, 2:28 pm
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Well done to all the runners from World Challenge who took part in Saturday’s Whole Hog Race. Results are as follows:

Name RaceTime Position
Isaac Davis 00:31:22 1
Callum Peart 00:33:01 2
Edward Platts 00:33:36 3
Tristan Ehinger 00:34:54 4
Morgan Curran 00:35:33 5
Jonathan Nicholson 00:35:33 5
Matthew Kellas 00:36:21 7
Christie Fitzsimons 00:36:33 8
Harry Lawson 00:37:01 9
Oliver Hourigan 00:37:17 10
Jake Tyrie 00:37:46 11
Oscar Turnbull 00:38:27 12
Matthew Donaghey 00:39:40 13
Theo Pow 00:39:44 14
Samuel Bedlow 00:39:50 15
Jake Buckley 00:40:00 16
Daniel Sykes-Abreu 00:40:11 17
James Gaskin 00:40:21 18
Christopher Rooney 00:40:23 19
John Leyden 00:40:57 20
Cameron Young 00:41:43 21
George Underwood 00:41:51 22
Harry Campion 00:41:57 23
Cameron Woodcock 00:42:16 24
Tom Edwards 00:42:31 25
Annabel Ross 00:42:31 25
Alexander Caley 00:42:35 27
Steven Smith 00:42:58 28
Harry Smith 00:43:00 29
Hattie Needham 00:43:10 30
Victoria Needham 00:43:10 30
Steven Coates 00:43:21 32
Olly Lyons 00:43:25 33
Samuel Fletcher 00:44:24 34
Christian Lloyd 00:44:26 35
Campbell Pike 00:45:10 36
Hannah Cooper 00:45:18 37
Thomas Goetz 00:45:20 38
Stephen Ricouard 00:45:28 39
Kieran Adams 00:46:09 40
Chris Edwards 00:46:14 41
George Wyatt 00:46:49 42
Austin Shaw 00:47:24 43
Emily Harris 00:47:24 43
Jo Bucknall 00:47:42 45
Alexander Francis 00:47:43 46
Jamie Judd 00:47:51 47
Shannon Lenton 00:48:01 48
Joseph Cross 00:48:05 49
Dylan Jethwa 00:48:09 50
Matthew Page 00:48:24 51
Helen Potter 00:48:29 52
Katie Clubb 00:48:37 53
Marcus Merriman 00:48:46 54
Leonie Robertshaw 00:48:49 55
Maisey Hodges 00:48:54 56
Rebecca Pugh 00:48:55 57
Alex Batty 00:49:14 58
Nicholas Oconnor 00:49:32 59
Hayley James 00:49:37 60
David Owen 00:49:42 61
Chloe Owen 00:49:44 62
Edward Watt 00:50:21 63
Kayleigh Cooper 00:50:44 64
Joshua Smets 00:52:21 65
Luke Bowkett 00:52:24 66
Emma Walker 00:52:25 67
Severine Comery 00:53:55 68
Lucy Croker 00:54:15 69
Natasha Shahin 00:54:17 70
Eloise Hollands 00:54:57 71
Isobel Simmons 00:55:00 72
Callum Waring 00:56:24 73
Ross Cockburn 00:56:26 74
Liam Lu 00:57:25 75
Libby McCarthy 00:57:27 76
Emily Taylor 00:57:35 77
Katerina Mantikas 00:57:41 78
Aaron Veale 00:57:43 79
Scarlett Farrington-Thorne 00:57:44 80
Luke Crabtree 00:57:45 81
Molly Crowe 00:57:52 82
Deborah Pike 00:58:19 83
Jessica Amey 00:58:35 84
Phoebe Allum-Hill 00:58:39 85
Annabelle Nicholson 00:59:55 86
Antonia Rayfield 00:59:56 87
Eleanor Fitzroy-Ezzy 00:59:56 87
Maya Kansagra 00:59:57 89
Eleanor Harris 01:00:07 90
Andrew Harris 01:00:09 91
Tiger Lake 01:00:24 92
Emily Collins 01:00:45 93
Christopher Donaghey 01:01:02 94
Joshua Gray 01:01:39 95
Bevan Gray 01:01:41 96
Matthew Harper 01:01:42 97
Philip John Rushworth 01:02:07 98
Sophie Rushworth 01:02:07 98
Harriet Samuel 01:02:20 100
Emily Macleod 01:02:35 101
Amy Thomas 01:02:36 102
Charlotte Bilsby 01:02:54 103
Daniel Malcolm 01:03:44 104
Lauren Burgess 01:03:51 105
Abigail Blucher-Altona 01:03:54 106
Jade Marsella 01:04:04 107
Toni Marsella 01:04:04 107
Harriet Wilkinson 01:05:07 109
Emma Le Pla 01:05:09 110
Emma Dawson 01:05:10 111
Abbey Deadman 01:05:39 112
Nina Graver 01:05:41 113
Laura Cross 01:05:51 114
Harrison Brown 01:06:18 115
Harrison Manoucheri 01:06:18 115
Jenny Craddock 01:08:00 117
Katherine slater-greenwood 01:08:02 118
Ruth Brodie 01:10:58 119
Gemma Jones 01:11:07 120
Isabel Jones 01:11:11 121
Emily Hallworth 01:11:20 122
Natalia Cox 01:11:41 123
Hannah Robinson 01:11:41 123
Hannah Browning 01:12:34 125
Katie Joseph 01:12:35 126
Jasmine Sharp 01:15:55 127
Kirstie Jenner 01:15:55 127
Agnieszka Bucholc 01:15:57 129
Niamh Lacy-Roberts 01:15:58 130
Hazel Jenner 01:15:59 131
Hayley-Jayne Sutton 01:16:46 132
Bethany Conway 01:16:59 133
Rachel James 01:17:01 134
Shannen Sell 01:17:01 134
Kathryn Hackett 01:17:02 136
Bethany Didsbury 01:17:05 137
Hannah Smillie 01:17:05 137
Emily Harrison 01:17:07 139
Melissa Simpson 01:17:09 140
Daniel Downes 01:17:10 141
Rachel Holloway 01:17:21 142
Yasmin Duly 01:17:38 143
Sophia Kent 01:17:42 144
Melissa Little 01:18:17 145
Eleanor Wright 01:18:18 146
Leuan King 01:19:05 147
Edward Holt 01:20:58 148
Darcie Streeter-Oxland 01:20:59 149
Iain Slade 01:21:00 150
Joe Swainson 01:21:01 151
Joanne Oliver 01:21:02 152
Leah Turner 01:21:02 152
Neil Brown 01:21:04 154
Jamie Barsby 01:21:07 155
Natasha Angelucci-Deacon 01:21:55 156
David Didsbury 01:21:56 157

First Time Ultra Marathon
As the ‘trail ultra marathon novice’ of the Dig Deep team I thought I’d share my experiences of my first ever trail ultra marathon in case any of you who have signed up to the Suffolk trail ultra marathon or the Peak District trail ultras as a first-timer and are feeling a little daunted!   I signed up to my ultra after a large well deserved glass of wine whilst chock-a-block full of endorphins after a successful if much shorter trail race.
 I gave myself 4 months to train – I’d never done a marathon, or even a half marathon, however 4 months at that point seemed an age away – lots of time to think about training…
 1 month passed with getting regular trail runs in.  I was doing a steady 20 miles a week, which for me was very good.  I’d finish work and head out to the fields with a more experienced ultra runner to get in some miles before the sun went down.  I managed to do little and regular – every evening, even if training didn’t go well (which it didn’t a lot of the time!), I celebrated the fact that even if I only did 2 miles, I was doing 2 miles more than I would be sitting on the couch!
ultra marathon training

ultra marathon training

 So for those of you who are training at the moment and it’s your first time – don’t despair if sometimes it doesn’t go your way, or your legs feel like lead, or your lungs feel like they are going to explode – keep it up, it gets better!
 By month 2 my training plan had to fit around a work schedule which was becoming more and more hectic.  Although I tried to be structured I travel a lot for work, so it turned out to be ‘grab a run when I can’.  My aim being to get out and do something, whatever the distance, every day.   My point being everyone is different, some people can run to schedules but if you can’t then don’t panic!   The best tip I was given when I was stressing about not being able to get out on big long runs, was to concentrate on spending long periods of time on my feet – even if it was just standing instead of sitting at my desk working.
 With only 1 month to go before the big day my ITB reared it’s ugly head – this was the first time I had encountered it, although it’s one of those mythical ailments that I’ve heard many runners whispering about.  I spoke to Dave Taylor from Fell Running Guide and he gave me loads of advice, involving foams rollers (torture but amazing results) and ice buckets (similarly torturous but apparently amusing to watch).
 The day came, I ran, walked, swore, hobbled, almost crawled but after a few tears I finished and it felt AMAZING!  The day after, despite not being able to walk, I felt invincible.  The feeling of pushing your body to it’s limits and then pushing past those limits was addictive and a bit surprising.  It’s interesting to find out what you can really do, especially when you think you can’t.
 If you’ve been mulling it over and I have convinced you to have a go then check out our latest trail race weekend in Suffolk  🙂 –  we are celebrating all things awesome about trail running.  There are 2 trail ultra marathons and 2 shorter trail races to choose from.  It follows the same format as the Dig Deep Peak District and there will be camping, BBQs, running lectures, running shop, running films and of course 4  stunning races to choose from that take you across the most beautiful parts of the Suffolk countryside.
Dig Deep Suffolk Trail Races:
Trail races and ultra marathons in Suffolk

Trail races and ultra marathons in Suffolk

Ultra Tour of Suffolk – 50 mile trail ultra marathon in Suffolk – on trails through ancient woodland, pretty villages, open countryside and on coastal trails.
 Suffolk Trail Intro Ultra – 28 mile trail ultra marathon – perfect first timer ultra marathon, or if you are making the move from road running to trails.
 Rendlesham 20km – 20km Suffolk trail race – through beautiful Suffolk countryside
Rendlesham Dash 5.5 miles – gentle family jog or speedy trail demon! Come and join us and relax with  local food, beer & plenty of tea!

Sally’s ultra marathon training so far…

Sally has shared her latest training news for the Ultra Tour of the Peak District.  Did you know there are less than 100 days to go now until the Dig Deep Peak District weekend?!

‘Training so far:

In the last month each weekend has been taken up with lots of long runs. I have covered 20 then 26 miles on consecutive days of the West Highland Way, 21 miles of the Edale Skyline then completed the High Peak Marathon – a fantastic night ultra of 44 miles, in a team of 4 over the Derwent Watershed, thank goodness we won’t encounter the knee deep peat bogs in the UTPD! Last weekend I did the Grindleford Gallop 21mile trail race, considering the previous weekends mileage at the HPM I was delighted with 24th overall and 2nd female. Keen to avoid injury I have a low milage couple of weeks coming up before the Edale Skyline 21mile fell race in 2 weeks time.

Sally Fawcett

Sally Fawcett coming off Stanage Edge

So to summerise my training so far:
Average weekly milage: 60-70miles
Average long run: 20 miles
Average runs per week: 6
Favourite run: Hillsborough Hills – a 7 mile run from home which includes 11 hills of varying length, all in about 2 square miles!
Pairs of trainers wrecked since January: 1′

Don’t forget we have the Dig Deep RECCE Day coming up this weekend.  There is still time to book onto it, just click on this link for more info: 16th March RECCE day


Check out our latest addition to the Dig Deep Race Series: Dig Deep Suffolk, 6th&7th September 2014.
Featuring 4 fantastic trail races through Suffolk:
5.5 mile Rendlesham Dash Suffolk Trail Race starts at 10:30am on Sunday 7th September £13.00
20KM Rendlesham Suffolk Trail race starts at 10:15am on Sunday 7th September £17.00
28 mile Suffolk Trail ‘Intro Ultra’ starts at 10am on Saturday 6th September £40.00
50 mile: ULTRA Tour of Suffolk (Suffolk trail ultra marathon) starts at 8am on Saturday 6th September £55.00



Suffolk trail races - running weekend

Suffolk trail races – running weekend



Not only is it Friday and the weekend is just round the corner but we also have some exciting news for you running lot!

We have been working away on bringing to you Dig Deep Suffolk.  The Dig Deep Peak District has proved to be such a popular and successful event that we have created another weekend of running down in Suffolk, where we already organise The Whole Hog.

Once again you will be able to choose from two ultra marathon distance and two shorter trail races.  We love to put together races that take in beautiful scenery and Dig Deep Suffolk is no exception – the routes cover forest trails and coastal trails, open countryside and pretty villages.

There will be local beer, BBQs, live music, camping over the whole weekend – what more could you want?!

We are pleased to announce that Sweatshop Ipswich are our retail partners.

2014 really is the year to hit the trails!

Dig Deep Suffolk

Suffolk trail races - running weekend

6th and 7th September 2014

News Update

Eight Point Two are pleased to announce the launch of a new running festival, Dig Deep Suffolk; 6th and 7th September 2014 in Suffolk, England.

Dig Deep Suffolk is believed to be the first event of its kind in the area and will feature trail running over a variety of distances and will comprise of the 5.5 mile Rendlesham Dash Trail Race, a 20k Trail Race a 28 mile ‘Intro Ultra’ Trail marathon and the 50mile Ultra Tour of  Suffolk.

Ultra Tour of Suffolk - trail ultra marathon

Ultra Tour of Suffolk – trail ultra marathon

The event will be based at Wantisden Hall (near Woodbridge) where competitor camping and registration will be located along with talks, demonstrations, films and running retail provided by Sweatshop (Ipswich).  Wantisden is easily reached locally and is only 2 ½ hours from London!

With the event planning for all the races in the hands of Eight Point Two, Adventure Event Organisers, the whole weekend promises to be one not to be missed. Dig Deep Suffolk is a new event following the success of Dig Deep Peak District. Eight Point Two are also the organisers of the ever popular Suffolk Whole Hog.

Ian Loombe, Eight Point Two’s Managing Director said: “The Dig Deep Peak District event is really popular and we knew that Wantisden would be a fantastic spot to host another event. It’s taken a lot of work to get the routes finalised in order to make the best of the fantastic trails in Suffolk. However, the work has paid off and we think that the courses are superb!”.

Ian Bliss, Co-race director, is from Ipswich and has spent many years running the local trails. “It’s a beautiful and diverse area” he said, “The coastline is stunning and the routes all go through the beautiful Rendlesham Forest. The trails show the best of Suffolk”.

“The Ultra Tour of Suffolk, the blue ribbon race of the event, is a tough race but it’s probably accessible to all runners with the ambition of running 50 miles. If you’re looking to do your first ULTRA marathon then the Suffolk Trail Intro Ultra (at 28 miles) would be perfect! That’s the beauty of this route and event, it should appeal to everyone. The shorter races (Rendlesham 20km Trail race and Rendlesham Dash 5.5 mile race) are a great way for those taking their first steps into trail running to appreciate the difference from running on roads”.

It is estimated that the fastest runners taking part in the Ultra Tour of Suffolk will complete the course in around 7 hours, after covering a total of 50 miles 

The Dig Deep Suffolk event will take place on the 6th and 7th of September 2014.

More information and entry details are online at http://www.digdeepraces.co.uk

Suffolk trail races - running weekend

Entry Information

Entry details are online at http://www.digdeepraces.co.uk

5.5 mile Rendlesham Dash Trail Race starts at 10:30am on Sunday 7th September       £13.00

20KM Rendlesham Trail race starts at 10:15am on Sunday 7th September                        £17.00

28 mile Suffolk Trail ‘Intro Ultra’ starts at 10am on Saturday 6th September                   £40.00

50 mile ULTRA Tour of Suffolk starts at 8am on Saturday 6th September                         £55.00

Closing Date for entries is Friday 5th September 2014.

Suffolk trail races - running weekend