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Christmas is over – Let’s Run!

Christmas is over, that wonderful time of year which involves (amongst other things!), food and a lot of socialising and not so much of the old exercising.  As much as we all love running, sometimes we need that extra push to get out on the trails after a few days of over-indulging so we talked to a few of our experienced runners to find out how they get themselves back in shape after the holiday period and these are their tips:

1. Run with someone.

It’s much easier to put off going for a run if you haven’t committed to someone else.  New Year is just around the corner so now is a good time to get that resolution into gear and  join a running club.  Running clubs are brilliant way of meeting people like you, and there is always someone who runs at your pace, whether you are a gnarly experienced fell runner, or new to this whole running malarky.   Book yourself onto a running course, brush up on your skills with others at your level, learn something new! http://www.fellrunningguide.co.uk/

Dig Deep races 12.12 and 10km route

Dave Taylor of Fell Running Guide flying down the side of Higger tor. Part of the Dig Deep 10km and 12.12 route

2. Dress for the weather.

Sounds obvious doesn’t it?! But it’s easy to do and before you know it just because you couldn’t be bothered to pick up your gloves from the floor upstairs, means that your hands are now turning a beautiful shade of blue.  Does it look like rain?  If you have to ask this question, you can probably guarantee it will be chucking it down within a few miles and you’ll be one soggy runner – gets a little more serious if you slip and end up limping back cold & wet… and don’t forget to check the batteries in your headtorch!!

3. Start easy.

Your calves will not thank you the next day after spanking out a 20 mile run in those new barefoot trail shoes.

4. Incorporate other training.

Matt Green, from Everywhere Without Delay, suggests climbing as a great way to build up your core muscles.  After a local Peak District race which involved a technical downhill stretch he noticed the next day that his stomach muscles were shredded and decided to focus on climbing as a way to strengthen these muscles and to increase his stability.

5. New Gear!

Did Father Christmas bring those longed for new trail shoes, sealskin socks or coveted hydration bladder?  What more incentive do you need?! Or, there are the sales on at the moment, and it really is very good value and you wont find it at a better price and you have been very restrained this year, and well…you deserve it!

Have a look at the sale at Outside 😉

6. Enter a race

The ultimate motivation – having a target to work towards, and funnily enough we know of some really awesome trail races  coming up in June… http://www.digdeepraces.co.uk/


Top 10 Presents for Runners!

It’s nearly Christmas and there are certainly a few of us at Dig Deep Race HQ who still have their Christmas Shopping to do! Just when you think Christmas is all under control, the days sneak by and suddenly before you know it the Christmas party is over, and it’s the last weekend before Christmas.  So for anyone out there struggling to think of any last minute pressies for the runners in your life here are our Top Ten Christmas Gifts for Runners!

1. Lightbender – by Nathan £20 – a great way to make sure you stay visible of long winter nights, or long distance summer ultras.  it’s an electro-luminescent band, which is completely waterproof and the watch battery will keep it flashing for over 100 hours.  And it’s a very awesome neat little gadget, which we are suckers for!



2. Spikes – Kahtoola £50 – a lifesaver, every runner should have a pair of these handy spikes in their gear cupboard! Ever had that bambi on ice feeling? I have and these are so handy when running – they are flexible enough to slip around running shoes but also can be used on lightweight hiking boots.



3. Navigation Courses with Fell Running Guide.  Perfect for your nearest and dearest, learn how to stay safe on the hills and to keep yourself out of harms way.  We have all been there…perfect sunny day on the moor and then bam – down comes the mist and visibility is zilch, and the moor becomes a featureless landscape! The Dig Deep Races 2013 were held on an unusually hot and clear day – but as we all know this is England, anything can happen!

4. Tech Tee RRP £45 SALE £29 – Good opportunity to snap up a bargain but hurry they are selling quick! This tech tee from Mammut for women, would be great for layering with a longer armed base layer underneath for winter, or perfect to hit the Summer trails in.  Nice cheerful colour and I found the fit flattering!



5. Mammut X-Sun Headtorch £225 – Ideal for the fast and light person that has everything.  This is not just any old headtorch, this is a super all singing and dancing headtorch.  It’s waterproof to IXP6, has an Alpine Emergency Signal, four different modes, is super bright as you might expect from the price tag but also easy to dim for close up work.  Great for winter trail running at night!



6. Bob Graham Round Map – £12 – do you know someone who has been talking about doing this for a while?  Time to give them a little bit of a push and get them one gnarly clad footstep closer to doing it!



7. Clif Shotbloks – £2.49 – The ultimate stocking filler, and a big favourite! Those amazing little squares of pure gooey energy.  The only problem with them is that they are so hard to resist (incidentally very good at propelling you around the Dig Deep Intro Ultra 🙂 ) Once you start you just cant stop.  Now, which flavour?



8. Garmin Forerunner 10 – £89 – I have left numerous hints around my desk incase my colleagues are feeling generous this Christmas!  Ideal present for all trail runners and gadgety types, or if someone you know is stepping up the training for the Ultra Tour of the Peak District and wants to track their progress.  Definitely on my wishlist!



9. A place in the Dig Deep Intro Ultra – £40 – It would be rude not to include our own races on our list! Stupendously beautiful trail running race set in the heart of the Peak District National Park, run over peaks, along the crags and across the moors.  Then rest and recuperate in the Race Village and bask in the knowledge that you are now an Ultra Runner!  Sneaky present for yourself!

10. A place in the Ultra Tour of the Peak District – £60 – The biggy – 60 mile gnarly trail running race through the Peak District.  Speaks for itself.  Make the ultra runner in your life a very happy and excited person!


Christmas presents for runners – trail running race in the Peak District

Most items can be found for sale on website of Outside our race retail partners.

Winter Training

The following article is written by Dave Taylor at Fell Running Guide: www.fellrunningguide.co.ukImage

Winter Training

Ok, you’ve signed up for a race next year and you know you should be out there training but the long hot summer is a distant memory and running doesn’t seem as enjoyable somehow!  So here’s a few tips to keep you training through these dark, wet winter months.

They say there’s no such thing as bad weather, I disagree, there’s some horrible weather!  Cold, wet, windy, foggy, hailstones, ice and snow.  You name it the British winter can throw it at us so we need to be well kitted out.

Shoes: off road running in winter means mud so you need something with a good grip.  Inov-8 Mudclaws and Salomon Fellcross are 2 examples of shoes that give excellent grip in the worst underfoot conditions.

Outer Layers: staying dry can mean the difference between enjoying your run and suffering.  Invest in a decent quality waterproofs (jacket and trousers).  Most races insist on carrying waterproofs so buying good quality lightweight kit is a good investment.  OMM Kamleika and Inov-8 Stormshell are worth looking at.

On cold dry days a windproof top such as the Inov-8 Race Elite is an ideal alternative to a full waterproof.

Mid / Base Layers: you need a material that will wick away perspiration.  There’s a wide choice from man-made to merino wool or a mix of both.  Your base layer needn’t be expensive but make sure it’s comfortable and doesn’t rub.  Personally I prefer something with merino wool for a bit of comfort.

I find that a long sleeved base layer under a wind or waterproof is sufficient on all but the coldest days but the danger comes if you need to stop or slow down for any reason, particularly if you are on the remote fells.  This is when an extra layer is needed.  I use a Primaloft jacket which offers excellent warmth to weight and packs down very small and is easily carried in a rucksack or larger bumbag.  An example is the OMM Rotor Smock.

For your legs a good pair of running leggings is needed.  Choose a pair with ankle zips that make them easier to get off when they’re wet and muddy, for example Inov-8 Race Elite tights.

Socks, Hat & Gloves:  Unfortunately at some point you’re going to get wet feet but a good woollen sock will help your feet stay wet and warm.  I use SealSkinz socks, which are sold as waterproof but in my experience aren’t!  However they do keep your feet damp and warm.

A hat is essential and can be anything that keeps your head warm but I wouldn’t get anything too bulky so that you can stow it easily in a pocket if you get too warm and have to take it off.  Something that covers your ears is best to keep out those icy winds.  I often use a buff as a hat with a second one around my neck.  This allows me to pull the bottom one up to make a balaclava to cover my mouth and nose if it’s really cold.

There is a huge selection of gloves to choose from.  A good windproof pair is worth a try.  Get a slightly bigger size to allow them to go on over a base pair for colder days.  For really cold days I recommend a pair of mitts such as Extremities Hot Bags but beware that your hands can get too warm sometimes!

Microspikes:  Don’t be put off by snow and ice.  Lots of people are reluctant to run off road in snow but it can be a really good workout and a bit of an adventure!  I’ve done lots of running wearing Kahtoola Microspikes which give excellent grip, particularly on ice and compacted snow.  Buy a pair of these and you actually look forward to it snowing – just like when you were a kid!

Headtorch:  Running off road at night can be good fun so don’t be afraid to get out to the countryside in the evenings just like you would do in summer.  Get together with a few friends and persuade them to come along for moral support, you’ll enjoy it!

Obviously you need a decent head torch and there’s a good choice of bright ones to be had nowadays.  It is possible to pay over £100 for a head torch but think about what you need it for; do you want it to light up the countryside like a lighthouse or will a lesser beam suffice.  Check the claimed battery life too especially if you plan on being out for a while.  USB rechargeable models such as the Petzl Tikka XP2 Core are a great idea.  I recommend using rechargeable batteries making sure that they’re fully charged before you venture out.  Runners doing the Ultra Tour of the Peak District may well be finishing in the dark so a torch that is reliable is important as is practising running off road in the dark.

Rucksacks & Bumbags:  With a bit more kit needed than in summer it might be that you prefer to use a running rucksack rather than a bumbag.  You shouldn’t need anything too big; the OMM Ultra 12 for example.  Remember that it won’t be waterproof so you need to bag anything inside that needs to stay dry.

Stay Safe:  Running in remote areas can be hazardous at any time of year but particularly so in winter when you’re more likely to get wet, cold, hungry and run out of daylight.  It’s a good idea to take more kit and food than you need.  Take an old phone (switched off) for emergencies, put a torch into your pack even if you aren’t planning on staying out too long, take a map & compass in case the visibility drops (and make sure you know how to use them!) don’t rely on your smartphone to get you out of trouble – the battery never ran out in a compass!

So get kitted out and enjoy your winter running.  See you out there!

Fell Running Guide www.fellrunningguide.co.uk

Most of the products mentioned can be found at Outside, Hathersage. http://www.outside.co.uk/collection/Dig+Deep+Race+Shop+Collection

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Win with Dig Deep Races

Happy Friday!

We have been looking forward to this for a few months now – planning and beavering away at it – so let’s get this competition under way.

Dig Deep Races Competition in Association with Outside and Mammut

Dig Deep Races Competition in Association with Outside and Mammut

We are looking for three people who have entered or are entering the Intro Ultra or the Ultra Tour of the Peak District (it’s not too late to enter).   It doesn’t matter whether you are a first timer or an elite athlete, we are looking for all levels of experience to enter.  The Ultra Training Diary Films are based around the preparation you undertake when committing to an ultra (hence why the entry is limited to ultra competitors only).

You Win

  • To feature in 3 short Ultra Training Diary Films
  • From Outside:
  • 1x Ultimate Direction Acces Waistpack (rrp £27.50)
  • 1x Pair of Injinji Trail Mini  (rrp £16)
  • 1 Pair of Injinji Trail Micro (rrp £15)
  • From Mammut:
  • 1 x Tech Tee
  • 1 x pair of Shorts
  • 1 x Jacket
  • From EightPointTwo:
  • Free Place in Resolution Run

How To Enter

Upon Entering and Winning You Agree To:

  • 3 x different filming session at different training stages with Summit Fever Media
  • For the Ultra Training Diary films to be used for promotional purposes
  • To turn up at start line!
  • Write a training update for us every 4 weeks for us to publish on your behalf on Dig Deep Facebook page & Blog

We will contact the winners on January 7th 2014 and fill you in on all the details and arrange filming dates to suit you.

Dig Deep Races Competition in Association with Outside and Mammut

Dig Deep Races Competition in Association with Outside and Mammut

Dig Deep Races 2014 Competition with Outside & Mammut!
December 6, 2013, 5:57 pm
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Dig Deep Races 2014

Dig Deep Races 2014

Our Dig Deep Race Weekend will soon be upon us (June 21st/22nd 2014)- and it’s time to brush off the cobwebs, and make sure you keep up the running over the winter.  Yes, we know it’s dark and cold but start now and you’ll be grateful for our words of wisdom come June 21st!   As an added incentive to get those entries in and sign up to the 60 mile UTPD (if you think you’re tough enough) or the Intro Ultra (a great first time ultra event) we are going to be launching a competition in association with Mammut and our retail partner,  Outside – the outdoorsy person’s 2nd home.

So, without further ado – this is what you can expect to get:

We are going to choose three winners to star in three short films, which will be all about how you train and prepare for the UTPD or Intro Ultra on June 22nd 2014.  The winners will also get lots of lovely Mammut kit to wear in the films and lots of goodies from Outside!

Outside will be donating to the prize package:

1x Ultimate Direction Acces Waistpack (rrp £27.50)

1x Pair of Injinji Trail Mini  (rrp £16)

1 Pair of Injinji Trail Micro (rrp £15)

Mammut will be donating:

1 x tech tee

1 x pair of shorts

1 x jacket

And to help you along with your training we will give you free entry into the Eight Point Two Resolution Run in January!

We will be launching the competition on the 13th of December so keep an eye on our Facebook page for details on how to enter.

We would like to say a massive thanks to:

Outside, Mammut, Injinji and Ultimate Direction for their contributions.

The items pictured are subject to change (colour/style) dependent on stock.