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London To Paris
September 28, 2010, 10:42 am
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We are very pleased to announce that we have been chosen to become the event provider for the O2 and Ventura 2011 Londoon to Paris cyle Ride in aid of The Mark Gorry Foundation. 60 riders will be setting off from London and will be spending 4 days cycling to Paris in May 2011. Fingers crossed for some good weather!

Emmerdale In Horton!
September 28, 2010, 9:57 am
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It was another busy weekend with 4 seperate events happening. We had a big open abseil off the Clock Tower at the Trafford Centre in Manchester. The abseil is a big one at nearly 60 metres or nearly 200 feet in ‘old money’! With just under 250 abseilers over 2 days the guys were kept busy in quite difficult and windy conditions. Loads of charities were invlolved and a great deal of money was raised over the 2 days!

Photos are available at www.fotoevents.biz

We ran another abseil for the Red Cross off Baitings Dam near Ripponden. Its another ‘big’ abseil at 55metres and the Red Cross were very happy with the nearly 140 people they had who raised money for their charity.

We had another open event at the Mersey Tunnel shaft. Its another great abseil and, again, plenty of charities were invlolved.

Photos are available at www.fotoevents.biz

Finally, we ran a Yorkshire 3 Peaks challenge for Radio Aire and their Cash For Kids campaign. Well done to everyone as it was a 100% succesful event with all the walkers finishing in under 12 hours. The walkers included crew and actors from the ITV’s Emmerdale programme all of whom turned out to be fun and interesting people and were a real pleasure to be on the challenge with! Video of the trip will shortly appear on the ITV’s website at http://www.itv.com/Soaps/emmerdale/?intcmp=NAV_2004aa

Walks and Ab’s
September 13, 2010, 1:02 pm
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We had 3 events on this weekend – starting with a Ben Nevis walk on behalf of the CF Trust.  The 48 happy hikers ascended the mighty flanks to summit Ben Nevis on the Saturday. Unfortunately, but not unusually, the weather wasnt great so there was no view to speak of but the walkers had a great time all the same!

Our open abseil at Baitings Dam was another busy day with fundraisers from MGA, British Heart Foundation, MS Society, Bridge 2 Aid, and a number of individuals! well done to all those scaring themselves on the 50 m abseil! Photos are available at http://www.fotoevents.biz/events.php?ev=93

Reading saw the Penta Hotel abseil on behalf of Fujitsu with 50 intrepid abseilers making the leap!

Friends Of the Earth Bike Ride
September 8, 2010, 9:51 am
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Just a  quick post – here’s a link to a blog extract from someone who did the bike ride with us at the weekend!


Indian Summer?
September 6, 2010, 11:18 am
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The weather for the last weekend has been quite nice which was good for the various events we had going on around the UK. Up in Scotland we managed a cycle ride for the Friends of the Earth. The route was a stunning loop from Cupar and out to the beautiful East coast above Edinburgh before heading back in to Cupar. It was windy but everyone thoroughly enjoyed the day!

We also had 2 abseils taking place. We had our open event off the Machester Park Inn and an abseil from Dukes Court in Woking. Both abseils were quite popular and valuable funds were raised for a number of charities including the MS Society, MENCAP, MAG, Raleigh, the Winnie Mobaso Foundation and the Surrey association for Visual Impairment.

Finally, we ran an open Yorkshire 3 Peaks event for 42 people on Saturday. It was a stunning day which (as always) started early which allowed us to enjoy the best of the weather. It was a fantastic day with 39 of the 42 making it and the majority clocking in inside 12 hours! Well done to everyone and I hope there arent too many aching knees out there today! The charities invovled were the NRAS, St Gemmas Hospice and a group raising money for their local pre School. Well done to all those dare devils who got out and done something exciting over the weekend and raised alot of money for good causes along the way.

Below is a photo looking up towards Inglebrough – the last summit of the challenge.