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Walesby Whole Hog
November 22, 2010, 11:09 am
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This last weekend was the last event for 8.2 for the 2010 season. The Walesby Whole Hog isnt a long course – only just reaching the 10k mark – but it packs a punch!

It was another cold and gloomy day but the competitors were in high spirits as always. The usual routine of registration, briefing, and then filing out for the race start was soon followed by the Hog ‘honker’ which signified the start of the race… The usual quick kilometers followed which ‘warm up’ the runners and split the pack. Two slightly undulating kilometres to the spiders maze then an awkard few kilometers through the forest brought the runners to the start of the real obstacles.

Up and down the hoggers went through the hillside climbs (a series of steep ascents and descents) making sure they were nice and warm before the start of the lakes section. 1st came the swamp section which was quite wet and closely followed by a soaking crawl on their hands and knees through the swamp and then a double crossing of the river via the rope bridges. Luckily the water was only waist depth here so most people mamaged to miss a proper dunking! More swamp led to the infamous Hog Pit crawl… A short climb then led to the mesh run which thoroughly wetted the runners front and back!

Time for a quick sprint to the monkey climbs which got the arms going! Uphill for a short section then over the bandstand and on to the team challenge! Inspired by the Parachute Regiments log race test the competitors had to pick up a 12 foot tree log and carry it through a series of obstacles. Team work was required to master this section which then led on to (perhaps the most memorable for some) the cave maze! A thin rope was all that guided the competitors through a totally pitch black (well… we did let them have a few light sticks) series of tight twists and turns.

Time to stretch the legs as the final few kilometres led out back through the river and then on to the final challenge of the day – a short river stretch followed by a climb up and out back on to dry land. Wet and tired the competitors had now less than a kilometre to run to make the finishing line! If it all sounds easy enough; it isnt!

Well done to all those brave hoggers who took part and a  big thanks to Smartwool for sponsorship!

Even photos can be viewed at www.fotoevents.biz

Charity Feedback
November 12, 2010, 11:35 am
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There has been some nice feedback from the charities involved in this years event. Practical Action www.practicalaction.org.uk had several teams running on their behalf. Here’s what they had to say:

“Aching muscles have taken on a whole new meaning today plus I didn’t realise before that the college had so many sets of stairs!!” Jason Ling Team 34 “The Ironmen”

“I’m really glad I/We did it I have never ran/walked that distance so I was pleased I’d completed it, but it has spurred me on to trying to do some more running! Thanks for the support and laughs you gave me yesterday and the moment of the day for me was saying to Jez ” this would be a nightmare if you did this when it’s raining” 5 seconds before it started to chuck it down” Car Theobald Team 34 “The Ironmen”

“I have competed in the London Marathon, plus quite a few triathlons and half marathons and can honestly say that The Whole Hog is the most exhilarating and fun event I’ve done” Stephen Harvey Team 32 “The Invalids”

And a few more…
November 11, 2010, 12:40 pm
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A few pictures…
November 11, 2010, 12:37 pm
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Hi everyone – heres a few pictures to remind you of the day! Thanks to Digital Events for the great pictures!

Spot yourself!
November 8, 2010, 12:29 pm
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The East Anglian Daily Times have an article online covering Sundays event see – http://www.eadt.co.uk/news/gallery_going_the_whole_hog_for_charity_at_wantisden_valley_1_720089

And here is a link to their pictures: http://www.eadt.co.uk/news/whole_hog_at_wantisden_valley_1_720274?ot=archant.ArchantPageLayout.ot

Suffolk Whole Hog
November 8, 2010, 12:24 pm
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Just a quick blog to say that the results from the Suffolk Whole Hog held on Sunday will be e mailed to competitors on Tuesday or Wednesday of this week.

Race Report

What a day! 400 competitors and the sun was out! Well.. Sort of! For those 400 hardy folk that turned out the weather was nothing like what had been forecasted previously in the week. The sun shine had been replaced by a cold wind and occasional rain and one or two of you might have noticed the hail that came down around 1 hour in to the race?

But, the Hoggers didnt let a simple thing like cold weather and hail dampen their spirits! After a quick warm up led by the Fitness Unit (one of the event sponsors) the race started promptly at 11.30. As always the 1st few kilometres are about ‘warming up’ the competitors and splitting up the pack so that we avoid the waiting at the obstacles. 2 quick kilometres led to the human 4 by 4 section which had a few small (green) ponds to cross followed by a waist depth wade accross the 1st river of the day (there were a few). 2 more undulating kilometres led to the torpedo tubes and then another short section back through the stunning Staverton woods led to the beginning of the main obstacles.

The tunnels we recently blogged about were in place and were a delight to the competitors as they realised that they ended up in a small pond! A quick dash led to the bomb pit climb up the 20 metres near vertical bank of mud.

It was then back down hill to a new obstacle which was a scaffolding structure under which the competitors had to climb – not easy when your waist deep in water! It was then a hasty sprint to another dunking in an area which we call the lagoon but Im not sure how many of you might agree with that description.

A boggy 1/2 kilometre loop led the competitors back to the human 4 by 4 area where they re crossed the river and then went down to the Tunnel of Love (again, what we call it). This year we had extended the entrance site so the competitors were lucky enough (!!??)  to have more of that lovely mud! Out of the tunnel and another 1/2 kilometre led to the new trenches we had dug earlier in the week. Luckily the water was up so the double trench was also full of water!

The course now led to a quick shuffle accross a small stream on our ‘postmans walk’  and a tricky 2 kilometres over freshly ploughed fileds. This leg sapping section is hard work and is shortly followed by a short downhill section, through the spiders web and down to the last water obstacle – then it was a chest high dunking before another scramble to lead back to the final few kilometers. With just the hay bail steeple chase left to do it was all whooping and cheers down to the finish line where hot food and beer was waiting for the finishers!

A brilliant effort by everyone who took part!  Results to follow later in the week!

Thanks to event sponsors Smart Wool, Fitness Unit and Sweat Shop. Thanks also to all the marshalls who helped out on the day – a stirling effort in the, once again, grim weather.

Event photos are avaialable at: www.digitalevents.photoreflect.com

Finally, a great effort by all those who chose to raise money for charity this year – we will keep you updated on how much is raised!