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As the last patches of snow start to disappear the trails are getting greener and Spring is most definitely on its way. Gloves and hats can be put back into the pack and time to dig out those sunglasses, well … almost! It’s hard not to enjoy Christmas and New Year and runners training programmes for their 2015 race schedule are kicking into action. Those first few long runs are always the tough ones but the rewards are just as great. 2015 looks to see some exciting new kit on the horizon, Mammuts trail running range is set to develop further and Ultimate Direction continue to push the boundaries of running pack design. As well as starting your training plan it’s a good time to get out all your running kit and have a proper sort out. Those well used shoes with your toes poking out probably justify a new pair, they’ll come in handy when you want to paint that room in the house that you promised you’d do. Lightweight waterproofs and wind proofs are ideal as the days get longer and the temperatures start to rise. An easy way to improve your times in races, whatever level you are is to reduce the weight of the kit that you’re carrying. Why not fill your pack as you would normally for a race, weigh it with some luggage scales or bathroom scales. Now flick through the pages on Outside, finding the lightest alternative for each piece of kit you’ve got in your pack (including the pack!). Add up this weight and see what the difference is, don’t forget, if you weighed your pack originally with water or nutrition to include this too (1L=1Kg). If you’re lucky there won’t be much difference, but you might find a big one – then you can work out what pieces of kit will give you the best weight saving. New kit, whether it’s a new pack or a pair of socks will help encourage you to get out and train. Don’t miss out on those bargains too, there are plenty to be had, check you the Outside bargain area and look for special offers. Happy New Year from all the Dig Deep team and welcome to 2015! Dig Deep Peak District: Ultra Tour of the Peak Distict Peak Trails Intro Ultra 12.12 Whirlow 10km Dig Deep Suffolk: Ultra Tour of Suffolk Suffolk Trails Intro Ultra Rendlesham 20km Rendlesham Dash

First Time Ultra Marathon
As the ‘trail ultra marathon novice’ of the Dig Deep team I thought I’d share my experiences of my first ever trail ultra marathon in case any of you who have signed up to the Suffolk trail ultra marathon or the Peak District trail ultras as a first-timer and are feeling a little daunted!   I signed up to my ultra after a large well deserved glass of wine whilst chock-a-block full of endorphins after a successful if much shorter trail race.
 I gave myself 4 months to train – I’d never done a marathon, or even a half marathon, however 4 months at that point seemed an age away – lots of time to think about training…
 1 month passed with getting regular trail runs in.  I was doing a steady 20 miles a week, which for me was very good.  I’d finish work and head out to the fields with a more experienced ultra runner to get in some miles before the sun went down.  I managed to do little and regular – every evening, even if training didn’t go well (which it didn’t a lot of the time!), I celebrated the fact that even if I only did 2 miles, I was doing 2 miles more than I would be sitting on the couch!
ultra marathon training

ultra marathon training

 So for those of you who are training at the moment and it’s your first time – don’t despair if sometimes it doesn’t go your way, or your legs feel like lead, or your lungs feel like they are going to explode – keep it up, it gets better!
 By month 2 my training plan had to fit around a work schedule which was becoming more and more hectic.  Although I tried to be structured I travel a lot for work, so it turned out to be ‘grab a run when I can’.  My aim being to get out and do something, whatever the distance, every day.   My point being everyone is different, some people can run to schedules but if you can’t then don’t panic!   The best tip I was given when I was stressing about not being able to get out on big long runs, was to concentrate on spending long periods of time on my feet – even if it was just standing instead of sitting at my desk working.
 With only 1 month to go before the big day my ITB reared it’s ugly head – this was the first time I had encountered it, although it’s one of those mythical ailments that I’ve heard many runners whispering about.  I spoke to Dave Taylor from Fell Running Guide and he gave me loads of advice, involving foams rollers (torture but amazing results) and ice buckets (similarly torturous but apparently amusing to watch).
 The day came, I ran, walked, swore, hobbled, almost crawled but after a few tears I finished and it felt AMAZING!  The day after, despite not being able to walk, I felt invincible.  The feeling of pushing your body to it’s limits and then pushing past those limits was addictive and a bit surprising.  It’s interesting to find out what you can really do, especially when you think you can’t.
 If you’ve been mulling it over and I have convinced you to have a go then check out our latest trail race weekend in Suffolk  🙂 –  we are celebrating all things awesome about trail running.  There are 2 trail ultra marathons and 2 shorter trail races to choose from.  It follows the same format as the Dig Deep Peak District and there will be camping, BBQs, running lectures, running shop, running films and of course 4  stunning races to choose from that take you across the most beautiful parts of the Suffolk countryside.
Dig Deep Suffolk Trail Races:
Trail races and ultra marathons in Suffolk

Trail races and ultra marathons in Suffolk

Ultra Tour of Suffolk – 50 mile trail ultra marathon in Suffolk – on trails through ancient woodland, pretty villages, open countryside and on coastal trails.
 Suffolk Trail Intro Ultra – 28 mile trail ultra marathon – perfect first timer ultra marathon, or if you are making the move from road running to trails.
 Rendlesham 20km – 20km Suffolk trail race – through beautiful Suffolk countryside
Rendlesham Dash 5.5 miles – gentle family jog or speedy trail demon! Come and join us and relax with  local food, beer & plenty of tea!



Suffolk trail races - running weekend

Suffolk trail races – running weekend



Not only is it Friday and the weekend is just round the corner but we also have some exciting news for you running lot!

We have been working away on bringing to you Dig Deep Suffolk.  The Dig Deep Peak District has proved to be such a popular and successful event that we have created another weekend of running down in Suffolk, where we already organise The Whole Hog.

Once again you will be able to choose from two ultra marathon distance and two shorter trail races.  We love to put together races that take in beautiful scenery and Dig Deep Suffolk is no exception – the routes cover forest trails and coastal trails, open countryside and pretty villages.

There will be local beer, BBQs, live music, camping over the whole weekend – what more could you want?!

We are pleased to announce that Sweatshop Ipswich are our retail partners.

2014 really is the year to hit the trails!

Dig Deep Suffolk

Suffolk trail races - running weekend

6th and 7th September 2014

News Update

Eight Point Two are pleased to announce the launch of a new running festival, Dig Deep Suffolk; 6th and 7th September 2014 in Suffolk, England.

Dig Deep Suffolk is believed to be the first event of its kind in the area and will feature trail running over a variety of distances and will comprise of the 5.5 mile Rendlesham Dash Trail Race, a 20k Trail Race a 28 mile ‘Intro Ultra’ Trail marathon and the 50mile Ultra Tour of  Suffolk.

Ultra Tour of Suffolk - trail ultra marathon

Ultra Tour of Suffolk – trail ultra marathon

The event will be based at Wantisden Hall (near Woodbridge) where competitor camping and registration will be located along with talks, demonstrations, films and running retail provided by Sweatshop (Ipswich).  Wantisden is easily reached locally and is only 2 ½ hours from London!

With the event planning for all the races in the hands of Eight Point Two, Adventure Event Organisers, the whole weekend promises to be one not to be missed. Dig Deep Suffolk is a new event following the success of Dig Deep Peak District. Eight Point Two are also the organisers of the ever popular Suffolk Whole Hog.

Ian Loombe, Eight Point Two’s Managing Director said: “The Dig Deep Peak District event is really popular and we knew that Wantisden would be a fantastic spot to host another event. It’s taken a lot of work to get the routes finalised in order to make the best of the fantastic trails in Suffolk. However, the work has paid off and we think that the courses are superb!”.

Ian Bliss, Co-race director, is from Ipswich and has spent many years running the local trails. “It’s a beautiful and diverse area” he said, “The coastline is stunning and the routes all go through the beautiful Rendlesham Forest. The trails show the best of Suffolk”.

“The Ultra Tour of Suffolk, the blue ribbon race of the event, is a tough race but it’s probably accessible to all runners with the ambition of running 50 miles. If you’re looking to do your first ULTRA marathon then the Suffolk Trail Intro Ultra (at 28 miles) would be perfect! That’s the beauty of this route and event, it should appeal to everyone. The shorter races (Rendlesham 20km Trail race and Rendlesham Dash 5.5 mile race) are a great way for those taking their first steps into trail running to appreciate the difference from running on roads”.

It is estimated that the fastest runners taking part in the Ultra Tour of Suffolk will complete the course in around 7 hours, after covering a total of 50 miles 

The Dig Deep Suffolk event will take place on the 6th and 7th of September 2014.

More information and entry details are online at http://www.digdeepraces.co.uk

Suffolk trail races - running weekend

Entry Information

Entry details are online at http://www.digdeepraces.co.uk

5.5 mile Rendlesham Dash Trail Race starts at 10:30am on Sunday 7th September       £13.00

20KM Rendlesham Trail race starts at 10:15am on Sunday 7th September                        £17.00

28 mile Suffolk Trail ‘Intro Ultra’ starts at 10am on Saturday 6th September                   £40.00

50 mile ULTRA Tour of Suffolk starts at 8am on Saturday 6th September                         £55.00

Closing Date for entries is Friday 5th September 2014.

Suffolk trail races - running weekend

Mammut Athlete – Helen Bonsor at the Dig Deep Races Peak District 2014

Helen Bonsor, Mammut sponsored endurance running  and ultra marathon running athlete, will be joining us on the Dig Deep Peak District weekend to give a talk on her experiences.  She will be also taking part in the 12.12 mile on Sunday 22nd before she heads to the British Championships the weekend after the Dig Deep Races.

Mammut Athlete Helen Bonsor, photo: Robert Boesch

Mammut Athlete Helen Bonsor, photo: Robert Boesch

Helen has run in ultra marathons  all over the world  and below she talks about why she runs and I am sure that many of you will run for the same reasons.  I think that no matter what stage you are at in your running career – whether elite or beginner – the feeling of freedom that running in the mountains and fells can give, can be appreciated by all.  We are really looking forward to having Helen with us for the weekend and can’t wait to hear more!

Mammut Athlete Helen Bonsor, photo: Robert Boesch

Mammut Athlete Helen Bonsor, photo: Robert Boesch

“Having grown up in the Lake District UK, and now living in Scotland, I have always been passionate about the outdoors and spending time in the hills. For me, hill running is a way of life, and is what continually pushes me forward – and it enriches my life in adventure and rich friendships.  Some of my favourite races are technical 1 day races in the Alps, and Alpine stage races, where I enjoy racing day after day in big mountain scenery.  I still work full time, and it sometimes a challenge to fit both work and running in!

Running for me is the ultimate freedom in the mountains.  Few things beat the feeling of being totally focused on the movement of running in the mountains and feeling of moving quickly through the terrain and scenery as you run.   

Mammut enables me to push the boundaries of my running, providing the best equipment, and invaluable support.”

As a Mammut athlete, Helen has picked out her favourite items of Mammut trail running  gear:

  •  Micro Jacket  – extremely light, well fitted outershell, adapted to running
  • Backpack – excellent fitted lightweight backpack, accessible pockets, perfect for long runs
  • T-shirt – excellent fit and extremely breathable running top, good in all conditions.
Mammut Athlete Helen Bonsor, photo: Robert Boesch

Mammut Athlete Helen Bonsor, photo: Robert Boesch

Helen’s Successes:

  • 1st place Mixed Team, Gore-Tex Transalpine Race (2013), 24th overall
  • 1st place and new female record, Tri Refugio Race, Val Pellice, Italy (2013)
  • 1st place  Mammut Swiss Irontrail (2013) (50km) 3rd overall,
  • 7th place World Long Distance Moutain Championships, Poland (2013)
  • 2nd place, Salomon 4 Trails (2012)
  • 1st Mixed Pair, 4th overall Elite Class, Original Mountain Marathon (2012)
  • 1st place overall A Class, Lowe Alpine Mountain Marathon (2012)

The Dig Deep Races 2014 are sponsored by Mammut and the official Race Shop is Outside in Hathersage (who stock lots of Mammut!)

To enter Head to the Dig Deep Homepage Here

Check out our latest addition to the Dig Deep Race Series: Dig Deep Suffolk, 6th&7th September 2014.
Featuring 4 fantastic trail races through Suffolk:
5.5 mile Rendlesham Dash Suffolk Trail Race starts at 10:30am on Sunday 7th September £13.00
20KM Rendlesham Suffolk Trail race starts at 10:15am on Sunday 7th September £17.00
28 mile Suffolk Trail ‘Intro Ultra’ starts at 10am on Saturday 6th September £40.00
50 mile: ULTRA Tour of Suffolk (Suffolk trail ultra marathon) starts at 8am on Saturday 6th September £55.00

Sally Fawcett – Training Diary

Sally Fawcett, who was one of the Filming Competition winners, has written a piece on her recent training.  Sally was the first female to finish the UTPD ultra marathon in 2012 and  she is now back to compete this year.

I now consider myself a fell runner, last year I was definitely a road runner with an interest in the fells but I had one goal to tick off. I had come so close to getting sub 3 hours in the marathon, I didn’t want to leave road running behind until I had reached that goal.
I had a blip in Nottingham marathon, pulling out at 18 miles last September with a slight muscle strain. Being a physio I listened to my body, treated it and strengthened the muscle so that 3 weeks later I had another go at the Amsterdam Marathon. I managed to get a switch from the half to the full marathon, ran really well to get my sub 3 (on my 8th marathon attempt), coming 20th female in 2hours and 57mins.
Now I’m happy to turn my back on the monotony of road running and enjoy the scenery fell running has to offer. I love the views, varied pace and proper food (mini pork pies are a favourite!) that come with fell running.
So, despite the weather I have been out exploring the hills, covering lots of the Ultra Tour of the Peaks route as I’m fortunate enough to have it on my doorstep.
Since January, I have covered the start/ finish in shorter runs around the Limb Valley, done the Moscar Loop in snow, and an epic long run of 30 miles over Strines Moor before picking up sections of the UTPD over Stanage Edge to the Pole and Wyming Brook.
It’s a bit early to be hitting high mileage for UTPD ultra marathon but I have a couple of other races first. I have the High Peak Marathon (42miles) on the 28th February then the Highland Fling (53miles) on the 26th April.  Add to that a couple of long fell races and the key for me will be recovery as much as the running, making sure I get plenty of rest days in!
Sally Fawcett

Sally Fawcett coming off Stanage Edge

Sally was lucky to win lots of trail running gear from the experts over at Outside (our retail partners) and Mammut (our race sponsors).  If you want to get to know the UTPD and Intro ultra trails and gain some expert insider knowledge then head along to our RECCE Day on the 16th March.  It will also be a great opportunity to check out the latest trail running gear from Outside in Hathersage – we will meet there at 9:45am.
Check out our latest addition to the Dig Deep Race Series: Dig Deep Suffolk, 6th&7th September 2014.
Featuring 4 fantastic trail races through Suffolk:
5.5 mile Rendlesham Dash Suffolk Trail Race starts at 10:30am on Sunday 7th September £13.00
20KM Rendlesham Suffolk Trail race starts at 10:15am on Sunday 7th September £17.00
28 mile Suffolk Trail ‘Intro Ultra’ starts at 10am on Saturday 6th September £40.00
50 mile: ULTRA Tour of Suffolk (Suffolk trail ultra marathon) starts at 8am on Saturday 6th September £55.00