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Sally Fawcett Dig Deep Races 2014 race report

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Sally was the first female runner to cross the finish line of the 2014 UTPD, part of the Dig Deep Peak District weekend.  You might also remember her from the training diary films that we have made.  Sally has sent us her race report which you can have a read of below…


Well done to everybody who took part – it was a fantastic weekend.


Sally Fawcett over the finish line of the UTPD the Dig Deep Races 2014


UTPD Report


My build up to the UTPD had been fantastic up to 2 weeks prior to the race. I had recovered well from The Highland Fling and done some good, long training runs. Then I needed a wisdom tooth out! I thought the week or so of rest wouldn’t be a problem and had loads of soft food sorted for when I couldn’t chew. I hadn’t banked on the sprained jaw resulting in munching paracetamol and ibuprofen right up to 4 days before the race. I didn’t run for 9 days, but did manage a couple of 10 mile walks. So, with 3 days to go I decided to do Grindleford Fell Race, if I couldn’t do 5 miles pain free I wasn’t going to manage 60 miles! I was very sensible with my pacing and completely non- competitive (see I can take it easy!) but was relieved to get through it with mild aching in the jaw only, and even upped the pace for the last half a mile to test it fully. So, the race was on!


On the race morning a had a bowl of granola and a couple of mugs of coffee but didn’t go mad with breakfast, instead I planned to eat from early on in the race. I had a plan to eat every 30mins, alternating a Shot Block and a third of a Chia Flatjack. This worked really well up to around 8 hours in, then I just drank Cherry Coke and had a Shot Block every about every 30-40mins. As it was hot I was glad of the two 500ml bottles on my Salomon Vest, I worked out I went through 7 bottles of water, 2 of diluted Coke and one undiluted Coke which wasn’t a massive amount for the length of time out but I felt I got this right.


From the first few miles of the race I realised I was in a good position, the first guy went off really quick, 2nd and 3rd were a little way ahead but then a group of 5 of us remained pretty close together right up to Moscar. I was very disciplined, always being the first to walk the hills when the guys around continued to run. I settled into 8th place and let them go ahead, but always in sight until the descent from High Neb. We came onto a long road section here and it was great to have Matt from Dark Peak, out for a cycle, deciding to keep me company and ride alongside me from 30-33miles. This was great as I wasn’t feeling my strongest here, I even said to Matt if I get to Edale (42miles) I’m on the train route so can drop out. He said not to be so stupid, of course I will be feeling drained as I have run over 30 miles and I was looking better than the guys in front! Those miles passed really quickly, just by having someone to chat to. Before I knew it the 5 of us had all more or less come back together and reached the second feed station at the bottom of Win Hill together, so I must have been running well to catch them up.


Win Hill came at 34 miles in, only ¾ of a mile but a hell of a climb, I actually enjoyed this as it was shaded through Parkin Clough and allowed a good long walk! At the top it was great to see Smiley Pacer Julie, she was actually about to head down as she thought she must have missed me. Along to Crookstone Barn one of the guys dropped back and I didn’t see him again. I settled into 7th place, walking more than the others but feeling surprisingly good. The descent into Edale was pain free, my quads were holding up well! The guys in front were temporarily out of sight, they must have set off up Hollins Cross at quite a pace but I knew there were plenty of climbs left. Near the top of Hollins Cross a group of chav’s, tops off, mobile phone blaring music out asked what was going on, when I told them how far I had run they offered me their water saying I’d need it more than them! I thought the descent from Hollins Cross would be more painful than it was so I must be getting the pacing right. Onto Cave Dale, this was a lovely climb, up ahead I was surprised to see two of the guys I had been in the group with earlier running at a very catchable pace! Before long I made my way past each, stopping for a quick chat but without much effort I found myself in 5th place moving away from them, managing a good pace along the top of Cave Dale all the way into Bradwell.

Sally on Win Hill, photo copyright of  Summit Fever Media

Sally on Win Hill, photo copyright of Summit Fever Media


More familiar faces, Isobel and Ken, appeared on the approach to the third feed station, 49 miles in and I was feeling ok! Quick chat, fill up of the water bottles, wetting of the Buff and hat and I was off for the final push.

Bradwell Edge is not a nice climb, at least it wasn’t quite the mud bath I have seen it every other time. It’s hard to get into a rhythm when you’re slipping and sliding on the mud but the really muddy sections were few and far between. It was still a relief to get onto the flat section along the river from Shatton to Hathersage, this was one of my favourite bits as it was shaded, fairly flat and nice and soft underfoot. As I crossed the railway line up the field from Hathersage I was relieved to know this was the last steep climb, and what a lovely suprise to hear the cow bells as Isobel and Julie ran across the field with Lotty and Karl from their house, so motivating for the last few miles.


Ian was still just about in sight (him in 4th, me in 5th place) as I climbed out of Hathersage onto Ringinglow Road, but then Ian had a real kick and pushed the pace. He was out of sight in no time, I thought with 6-7 miles to go that was far too early to push on, but he let me know at the finish, that’s where he spotted 2nd and 3rd place not far ahead! He managed to catch them but they pulled away as he’d put everything into the chase.


I carried on up to Carl’s Walk, relieved to be in the last few miles, picturing the beer and pizza at the finish! Turning onto Houndkirk Road I was able to get a good pace for 58+ miles, even managing a 8.53 min mile! Julie, Michael, Isobel and Ken again popped up unexpectedly at Houndkirk giving me a boost for the last effort. Through Limb Valley I was running the whole way, even the hills, I think all that caffine was getting me through these miles on a bit of a high!


My aim was for sub 11 hours so I was delighted to come into the finish at 10 hours 43 mins in 5th place, with a new female course record. It was only then I found out how close the 2nd – 4th place guys had been in front. It was probably best not knowing, as I would have pushed myself and no doubt suffered for it if I had thought to try to chase them down! Looking at the data I averaged 10’42 per mile at 5.6mph, a stat I’m really chuffed with considering the 2722m of ascent. If you like hilly races this is definitely one for you.

I just wanted to finish by saying thanks to the those who came out to support, the Smiley Paces were so  encouraging, it is so motivating to see a familiar face when you have raced all those miles and really spurred me on to the finish 🙂



Sally Fawcett over the finish line of the UTPD the Dig Deep Races 2014

Sally Fawcett over the finish line of the UTPD the Dig Deep Races 2014, Photo copyright of Summit Fever Media


Dig Deep 2014

Dig Deep Peak District Races 2014


Event report.

The forecast was once again great for the 2 days of races we had planned. Last year’s heat was crippling so a slightly cooler forecast was welcome.

Friday night was kicked off with James Adams talking about his epic run through America followed by a showing of The Dragons Back which is an absolute classic and inspiring film. Most of the Ultra Tour of the Peak District (UTPD) runners registered Friday evening along with some of the Intro Ultra runners meaning that there was a good crowd developing in the campsite with nearly 100 happy campers and the smell of BBQ’s drifted over to the main barn at Whirlow Hall farm!

Saturday started bright and early with the UTPD leaving at 8am followed by the Intro Ultra’s at 10am. In both races the early leaders became the eventual winners. Sally Fawcett won the senior female UTPD race and broke the female course record in 10.43.25. Sally is having quite a season following her great run on the Highland Fling earlier in the year. Ken Sutor won the senior male category and had a very strong race with a winning time of 09.47.30.

The Bradwell feed station was the main stopping point for both ULTRA races. The buffet available for the runners was like a smorgasbord of all things great for ULTRA runners! From Pineapple to pork pies it was all there and seemed to be the highlight for many runners – some didn’t want to leave!!!

 Mention must go to the back runners who carried on throughout the night. The last runner’s dibbed in at the finishing line 22 hours and 59 minutes after starting!

The Intro Ultra saw a determined Marcus Scotney win senior male by 30 minutes in an impressive time of 04.05.03. Could the course go in under 4 hours? We shall see! Most of the runners loved the hilly nature of the course but Win Hill is always a stopper for tired legs. However, the views from the top on Saturday were outstanding!

Marcus was back with us on Saturday offering his insights in to the elite Ultra Runners World with his lecture. If you ever get an opportunity to go to one of Marcus’s lecture you should take it! A very inspiring and informative individual. Unfortunately Mammut sponsored runner Helen Bonsor was unable to talk because of a last minute illness – get well soon Helen!

Sunday dawned warm and sunny again and so the 12.12 and Whirlow 10k started at 10.15 and 10.30 respectively. Both races are quite hilly with the 12.12 going out over Burbage Moor on to Higger Tor and back via the Limb Valley – both exceptionally beautiful trails in spectacular scenery!

The Whirlow 10k is a fundraising event with every penny of the race going to the Whirlow Hall farm Trust. Nearly £2000 was raised from this race alone!

The total prize pot was nearly £5000. With over £2000 worth of prizes from Mammut and Outside, £2000 worth of prizes from Ultimate Direction and copies of Wild Running and Clif products there was plenty to go around. All 1st placed runners in all age categories in both the ULTRA’s and the 12.12 received a £100 voucher from Mammut/Outside plus other goodies.

The feedback for the event has been overwhelming with so many kind comments. The team at 8.2 worked really hard to put the event together so were suitably proud. The date for next year’s event is set for the 15th and 16th August 2015 with booking available from August this year!

Many thanks to all the organisations and sponsors involved; Mammut, Outside (retail partner), Ultimate Direction, Clif, Whirlow Hall Farm Trust, Wild Running, Summit Fever and Fell Running Guide (Dave Taylor) and Shane Ohly (kind loan of the Dragons Back film).

Ian Loombe.

Race director for Dig Deep Races

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Dig Deep 2014 Results
June 23, 2014, 9:21 am
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Results for all 4 races for the 2014 Dig Deep PEAK DISTRICT Races.

Please note that full split times will be e mailed to each competitor.

Ultra Tour of the Peak District

Female Over 50
Pos Surname Forename (F1) Finish
1st Carter Henrietta Bolton 14:52:41
Male Over 50
Pos Surname Forename (F1) Finish
1st mccarthy graeme 14:48:04
2nd Watts Andy 15:04:49
3rd curtis Robert 20:42:56
Gray Richard dnf
Pitcher Graham dnf
Senior Female
Pos Surname Forename (F1) Finish
1st fawcett sally 10:43:25
2nd Salt Zoe 11:57:20
3rd Keenan Jane 14:17:41
4th Smith Charlotte 14:42:08
5th Brown Pam 14:52:49
Senior Male
Pos Surname Forename (F1) Finish
1st Sutor Ken 09:47:30
2nd Brennan Matty 10:35:06
3rd Knight Lee 10:35:07
4th Mayers Dan 11:15:33
5th Tonkins Michael 11:44:03
6th fuller mark 12:06:56
7th Owen Luke 12:22:47
8th Cooke Graham 12:26:45
9th Wolstenholme Benjamin 12:49:42
10th Duffy Chris 14:08:36
11th Bennett Chris 14:08:38
12th Fuks Marek 14:22:15
13th Peach James 14:38:14
14th Jenkinson Michael 14:56:23
15th Connell Andrew 16:50:22
16th Douglas Aaron 16:50:26
17th Swannick Jack 17:47:53
18th petty david 18:57:59
19th Walters Garry 18:58:12
20th McNeil Jack 22:59:43
McIntosh John dnf
Wright Kallum dnf
Dunn Barry dnf
Keyworth Ryan dnf
Grazebrook Owen dnf
Aldridge Mark dnf
Veteran Female
Pos Surname Forename (F1) Finish
1st Whitfield Kate 13:38:10
2nd golding Anne 20:42:51
Veteran Male
Pos Surname Forename (F1) Finish
1st White Ian 10:38:56
2nd Rainbow Chris 11:15:37
3rd Naylor Christian Hall 12:08:29
4th BENNETT SIMON 12:14:41
5th Terner-Swift David 12:22:45
6th Chester Andrew 12:49:35
7th Bryan Mitchell 13:00:37
8th Cottam Neil 13:00:48
9th Fox Tim 13:53:00
10th Robinson Darren 13:55:23
11th Prentice Iain 14:08:59
12th Platt Duncan 14:16:22
13th Batchelor Alex 14:16:23
14th Bragg Andrew 14:37:14
15th whittaker Nick 14:41:57
16th Wright Peter 14:48:11
17th McDonald Andrew 14:48:17
18th Harrop Andrew 18:57:47
19th Wynne-Jones David 18:57:49
20th Duggan John 20:42:59
21st Geary Dave 22:59:29

Intro Ultra

Female over 50
Pos Surname Forename Finish
1st Hutchins Cheryl 08:06:51
2nd Gray Dorothy 08:47:22
3rd Russell Sue 09:48:29
Male Over 50
Pos Surname Forename Finish
1st Smedley Steve 07:07:57
2nd kenny Joe 07:13:02
3rd atkin tim 07:53:43
4th Hutchins Gordon 08:06:48
5th CROFTS STEVE 08:20:11
6th Tombs Lance 08:51:30
7th Sumner Mark 09:42:27
Senior Female
Pos Surname Forename Finish
1st= Teagle Lucy 05:55:41
1st= Love Kat 05:55:41
3rd Evans Helen 06:20:01
4th Bell Lianna 06:20:09
5th Diggle Emma 06:54:09
6th smith Joanne 06:55:09
7th argent rachel 07:07:50
8th Regan Jennifer 07:12:48
9th Oudshoorn Bodil 07:47:53
10th Thurman Kate 07:49:27
11th Taylor Lucy 08:13:02
12th King Alison 08:16:14
13th lovatt karen 09:44:02
Love Alison dnf
Senior Male
Pos Surname Forename Finish
1st Scotney Marcus 04:05:03
2nd Sprot Michael 04:35:19
3rd Eaton Robert 04:38:52
4th Brindley Ben 05:24:54
5th Collinson Mark 05:27:20
6th Halse James 05:30:40
7th reid andrew 05:34:16
8th Grahn Sky 05:41:34
9th Tatner Ian 05:49:53
10th Gilbert Stephen 05:58:30
11th Selby Dave 06:06:45
12th kelly Brendan 06:09:15
13th Phillips Jacob 06:18:09
14th Holmes Simon 06:22:19
15th Riley Ben 06:22:23
16th Hart Jason 06:26:20
17th Coales Ben 06:30:47
18th Palmer David 06:32:54
19th Edwards Ben 06:35:45
20th Douglass Jonathan 06:40:27
21st Morrey Mathew 06:51:53
22nd Evans Matthew 06:53:37
23rd Smart Michael 06:53:47
24th spray Dan 06:55:46
25th Berry David 07:08:00
26th Colquhoun Neil 07:09:30
27th Adams James 07:12:39
28th Couch Ben 07:24:36
29th Crossland Lee 07:33:02
30th askew mark 07:36:34
31st Turner Richard 07:40:07
32nd Yoxon Chris 07:40:19
33rd Anthony Michael 07:41:10
34th Burton Matthew 07:54:38
35th greer ryan 07:55:37
36th Holland Duncan 07:55:41
37th Lewis Paul 07:55:43
38th brooks russell 07:55:53
39th Spedding Jak 08:15:57
40th Gunther Martin 08:32:20
41st Hocking Chris 08:40:12
42nd Mayell Tom 09:28:56
43rd gregory stuart james 10:26:28
44th Willgoss Paul 10:59:08
Hardy Jim dnf
Findlay-Robinson Dan dnf
Brown Jonathan dnf
Veteran Female
Pos Surname Forename Finish
1st wona 06:22:51
2nd Carter Heather 06:22:53
3rd Baldock Emily 06:43:50
4th Hall Susan 06:54:02
5th Sorby Debbie 06:54:06
6th McGrady Samantha 07:07:53
7th Spingthorpe charlotte 07:13:38
8th Bulley Jo 08:06:49
9th Wright Alison 08:17:25
10th Crozier Amanda 08:49:47
11th Young Jill 09:31:25
12th Shadforth Jane 09:59:03
Veteran Male
Pos Surname Forename Finish
1st Saxelby Jai 04:45:57
2nd Rawson Lee 05:19:15
3rd Kenworthy Stephen 05:21:33
4th Thomson Duncan 05:39:32
5th O’Hanlon Mick 05:42:20
6th Brooks Gary 05:44:08
7th Edwards Simon 05:59:05
8th Gladwell Paul 06:06:46
9th Driscoll D 06:16:50
10th long Nic 06:20:52
11th Sleney Simon 06:51:47
12th Gower Ian 06:59:11
13th Coleman Todd 07:02:20
14th portman jez 07:02:53
15th coogan Martin 07:04:28
16th Fitchett Jonathan 07:04:31
17th Tams Simon 07:08:08
18th Shiles Tim 07:22:40
19th Adams Alistair 07:40:17
20th Hunnisett Stephen 07:56:18
21st Parr David 08:32:18
22nd portier gavin 09:31:14
23rd Russell Adrian 09:48:32
24th Adams Marcus 11:13:01
25th Fitzpatrick Clive 12:07:55


Please note that Craig Muress was incorrectly placed in the senior male category in yesterdays results whereas he should have been placed in the Veteran (over 40’s) male category. Craig was 4th overall and was therefore the winner of the Veteran (over 40’s) male category.

Female over 50
Pos Number Surname Forename 1 Finish
1st 204 Richardson Tonia 00:58:25 01:56:25
2nd 120 Kesterton Dot 00:17:33 02:01:28
3rd 115 Pelly Dorothy 01:16:29 02:01:50
4th 135 gorzeman Janneke 00:27:41 02:19:54
5th 126 Harvey Hilary 01:04:52 03:22:56
Male over 50
Pos Number Surname Forename 1 Finish
1st 205 Whitehouse Tony 00:59:54 01:36:43
2nd 83 barnett andy 01:02:22 01:42:33
3rd 149 Spring Kevin 01:13:04 01:56:07
4th 140 Gorman John 01:15:29 02:00:59
5th 82 Watkins Andrew 00:18:52 02:03:50
6th 94 Brumby Chris 00:20:02 02:05:18
7th 40 Mongol Steve 01:19:29 02:08:32
8th 201 Coppenhall Terry 01:39:48 02:34:17
9th 97 Walker Christopher 00:35:47 02:38:10
10th 162 Macintosh Michael 00:40:55 02:44:50
Senior Female
Pos Number Surname Forename 1 Finish
1st 210 Richardson Caroline 01:11:39 01:55:24
2nd 86 Rainey Anna 01:13:54 02:00:10
3rd 112 Berdeni Despina 00:25:00 02:11:43
4th 184 Crossland Sarah 00:24:42 02:13:38
5th 165 Houghton Mrs jane 01:24:57 02:16:50
6th 174 Longstaff Penny 00:30:19 02:21:54
7th 111 Rees Deborah 01:28:28 02:24:53
8th 156 Romeo-Velilla Maria 00:31:11 02:26:40
9th 136 lewis janni 01:31:32 02:28:03
10th 178 Roberts Rebecca 00:36:08 02:35:26
11th 197 Morley-Smith Sue 01:37:39 02:36:30
12th 152 Travis Laura 00:34:04 02:36:40
13th 153 Bradford Lotty 00:41:08 02:38:44
14th 113 Goodwin Diane 01:07:55 03:34:32
15th 198 Reid Suzannah 01:22:32 03:45:39
16th 186 Green Sarah 01:22:22 03:45:49
163 Lathouwers Mieke De dnf
Senior Male
Pos Number Surname Forename 1 Finish
1st 22 Beautyman Thomas 00:54:34 01:27:21
2nd 144 Palmer Jonathan 00:57:45 01:33:48
3rd 167 Poncia Nick —– 01:36:12
4th 84 Morley Andy 00:02:22 01:36:49
5th 159 Kemp Mark 01:00:53 01:37:09
6th 88 Wolfarth Ben 01:01:55 01:38:23
7th 209 Richardson Tom 01:01:20 01:38:55
8th 75 Lycett Adam 00:05:33 01:42:10
9th 202 Liddell Thomas 01:04:53 01:43:01
10th 128 Ian 00:06:45 01:44:56
11th 170 Barnsley Oliver 01:03:41 01:45:57
12th 142 Osborne Jon 00:05:21 01:46:29
13th 180 Bowley Richard 01:07:38 01:46:43
14th 166 Kelland Nicholas 01:06:33 01:49:12
15th 109 Perkins David 00:14:09 01:52:16
16th 79 Little Allan 01:06:52 01:52:19
17th 158 Collinson Mark 01:10:08 01:52:34
18th 189 Adams Simeon 01:09:45 01:57:14
19th 150 Walker Kevin 01:12:15 01:58:26
20th 89 Thornton Bill 01:12:33 01:58:37
21st 193 russell steve 01:14:16 01:59:32
22nd 190 Blacket Stephen 01:12:58 02:00:27
23rd 138 stott Jason 00:16:11 02:04:18
24th 2 Rhone Kevin 01:18:07 02:04:53
25th 192 Renshaw Steve 01:17:53 02:06:03
26th 212 Lyons Michael 01:19:46 02:07:21
27th 208 Buchanan Alex 01:19:57 02:07:36
28th 175 Wallace Peter 01:15:59 02:07:49
29th 102 Beckworth Colin 00:23:29 02:07:54
30th 141 Forster Jon 01:21:19 02:09:02
31st 116 peters Elliot 01:22:27 02:10:21
32nd 196 Smith Stuart 01:21:52 02:11:10
33rd 98 Whitfield Christopher 01:20:50 02:11:16
34th 108 kennaway David 01:20:39 02:14:26
35th 171 Foot Paul 01:23:18 02:14:38
36th 145 Vanrenterghem Jos 01:20:18 02:15:31
37th 179 Anderson Richard 01:22:18 02:16:45
38th 169 Houghton Nigel 01:24:16 02:16:46
39th 105 hickey daniel 00:25:48 02:19:01
40th 123 Brown Gary 00:23:39 02:19:28
41st 133 Douglass Jamie 01:25:05 02:20:40
42nd 76 Giffard Addam 01:25:45 02:20:42
43rd 95 dunn Chris 00:25:29 02:21:02
44th 118 Doyle Emmet 00:30:28 02:24:34
45th 183 Burdon Sam 01:26:35 02:25:56
46th 172 Morley-Smith Paul 01:37:29 02:36:32
47th 107 Forster David 01:35:40 02:40:16
48th 195 gregory stuart james 01:30:34 04:05:52
191 Franklin Steve 11:57:17 dnf
77 Weatherill Alex dnf
Veteran Female
Pos Number Surname Forename 1 Finish
1st 199 Rainbow Tammy 01:13:26 02:01:07
2nd 121 Panes Fiona 01:17:06 02:03:07
3rd 146 Havenhand Judith 01:19:00 02:05:14
4th 93 shepherd charlotte 01:23:09 02:12:18
5th 182 Jacobs Ruth 01:22:51 02:12:38
6th 122 Taylor Fiona 01:30:43 02:22:29
7th 177 Lee Rachel 01:31:15 02:27:39
8th 185 Everett Sarah 00:33:41 02:28:36
9th 90 Greaves Catherine 01:39:44 02:34:18
10th 100 Pheasey Clare 00:41:35 02:34:26
11th 91 Sykes Catherine 01:37:49 02:37:03
12th 99 Longstaffe Clare 01:33:51 02:37:25
13th 131 Mcfall Jackie 00:40:10 02:42:49
14th 87 Parker Annette 01:41:37 02:49:05
Veteran Male
Pos Number Surname Forename 1 Finish
1st 103 MURESS CRAIG 00:01:41 01:36:35
2nd 139 Petrovs Jevgenijs 01:03:57 01:43:08
3rd 127 Radford Iain 00:08:27 01:49:10
4th 134 Doward Jamie 00:10:30 01:50:15
5th 114 Brown Dominic 01:07:16 01:51:23
6th 101 Waddington Clive 00:13:49 01:55:50
7th 203 Devey Tim 01:15:02 02:00:51
8th 168 Vernon Nick 00:13:56 02:02:15
9th 106 Davis David 01:16:17 02:02:24
10th 129 Potter Ian 00:18:04 02:02:27
11th 148 Megson Keith 01:15:12 02:02:46
12th 151 D’Aout Kris 01:16:05 02:03:17
13th 124 Willingham George 01:20:33 02:12:50
14th 132 Dickinson James 00:28:27 02:15:45
15th 96 Moody Chris 00:21:27 02:16:04
16th 119 Vroenhoven Erwin van 00:26:39 02:19:41
17th 110 Costanzo Davide 01:24:33 02:20:40
18th 137 Bulley Jason 00:41:40 02:34:19
19th 194 Murdoch Steven 01:38:13 02:42:47

Whirlow 10K

Female over 50
Pos Number Surname Forename Finish
1st 68 Scott Kate 00:57:11
2nd 14 edge bernadette 01:00:20
3rd 84 Gorman Maggie 01:03:50
4th 35 Carr Elizabeth 01:06:07
5th 147 Clewes Diane 01:07:41
6th 54 Martin-Ward Janette 01:08:52
7th 67 Buckland Julie 01:10:20
8th 65 Julie 01:14:46
9th 109 North Rachel 01:16:02
10th 8 Taylor Ann 01:16:10
11th 34 Turner Eleanor 01:16:14
12th 64 palfreyman judith 01:19:50
Male over 50
Pos Number Surname Forename Finish
1st 58 snook jereme 00:58:07
2nd 86 RHODES MALCOLM 01:06:30
3rd 100 Dunn Paul 01:07:45
4th 49 Ahmed Ibrahime 01:08:14
5th 131 palfreyman simon 01:10:30
6th 48 Athi Hem Kumar 01:14:33
7th 1 Turner Adam 01:14:40
Senior Female
Pos Number Surname Forename Finish
1st 162 Wilson Jez 00:50:42
2nd 47 Fisher Heather 00:52:04
3rd 44 Tebbutt Grace 00:53:22
4th 164 Gardiner Jane 00:54:28
5th 1663 Lundean Rachel 00:58:34
6th 57 Reiss Jenny 01:01:13
7th 72 Newton Kerry 01:01:20
8th 4 Salis Alex De 01:01:26
9th 38 Mockford Emily 01:01:30
10th 77 Pope Laura 01:01:40
11th 114 Nundy Rebecca 01:01:52
12th 37 Hudson Elizabeth 01:03:07
13th 98 Downham Nicola 01:03:36
14th 126 walch Sarah 01:03:41
15th 165 Smith Fiona 01:03:43
16th 148 Lapina Jelena 01:05:19
17th 56 Redshaw Jeanette 01:06:44
18th 167 Sahone Hanna 01:07:22
19th 36 DOOLE ELIZABETH 01:07:35
20th 23 Riley Claire 01:07:52
21st 16 Heaver Charlotte 01:08:10
22nd 22 Merriman Claire 01:08:11
23rd 46 Douglass Heather 01:08:13
24th 82 Ahmed Lizzy 01:08:20
25th 111 Arm 01:08:31
26th 41 Dobson Fran 01:08:33
27th 123 Albaya Ruth 01:09:26
28th 102 Dixon Paula 01:09:58
29th 6 Roach Amy 01:10:20
30th 113 Mills Rebecca 01:10:55
31st 69 Houghton Katie 01:11:06
32nd 137 Hayselden Tanja 01:11:18
33rd 112 Rebecca 01:14:13
34th 115 Tushingham Rebecca 01:14:15
35th 79 Turner Lily 01:14:38
36th 122 Cumella Rosie 01:14:44
37th 81 Softley Lisa 01:15:43
38th 40 Mullen Faye 01:16:01
39th 12 Nelson-Girtchen Anneka 01:16:03
40th 143 Mudd Vicky 01:16:04
41st 94 Blade Megan 01:16:27
42nd 33 McBride Eileen 01:16:33
43rd 107 Trenchard Rachael 01:16:53
44th 80 Grandcourt Lisa 01:17:17
45th 144 Ward Vicky 01:17:50
46th 50 Monk Izzi 01:18:34
47th 9 McMillan Anna 01:18:35
48th 158 Atwell Rachel 01:20:00
49th 110 Palfreyman Rachel 01:23:31
50th 76 Palfreyman Laura 01:23:32
51st 66 Beattie Julie 01:23:37
52nd 83 Dixon Lynne 01:27:03
53rd 13 McLachlan Antonia 01:27:04
54th 146 Salt Zoe 01:53:48
Senior Male
Pos Number Surname Forename Finish
1st 121 Jones Robert 00:42:47
2nd 161 Sanderson Matt 00:43:16
3rd 27 fuller David 00:43:33
4th 128 Benson Sim 00:46:30
5th 116 Wesley Reece 00:48:13
6th 63 Colley Judd 00:48:27
7th 132 Pope Simon 00:50:11
8th 130 Hope Simon 00:51:19
9th 101 Softley Paul 00:52:10
10th 5 Melhuish Alex 00:52:15
11th 139 HARPER Thomas 00:53:06
12th 21 Ward Christopher 00:53:19
13th 2 Parkin Adrian 00:53:50
14th 105 Mackey Philip 00:53:54
15th 31 Page Dominic 00:56:12
16th 92 Livesey Matt 00:56:34
17th 18 Guest Chris 00:57:00
18th 145 Doole William 00:57:13
19th 93 murray Matt 00:58:04
20th 74 Gregory Kyle 00:58:19
21st 52 Tissington James 01:01:49
22nd 120 Mitchell Richard 01:02:06
23rd= 91 fish Matt 01:02:12
23rd= 30 Bottomley Dominic 01:02:12
25th 28 McKenzie David 01:02:41
26th 166 Tyssen Louie 01:03:49
27th 43 Wakes Glynn 01:04:02
28th 70 may Kavan 01:07:35
29th 51 Jack 01:13:07
30th 87 Athi Manoj 01:14:59
Veteran Female
Pos Number Surname Forename Finish
1st 106 Rose Philippa 00:52:28
2nd 39 Dent Emma 00:53:37
3rd 89 Duncan Margaret 00:55:41
4th 95 Zitman Miss Madeline 00:56:32
5th 124 Marsden Ruth 00:57:12
6th 108 Jackson Rachel 00:59:38
7th 11 HORNER ANNE 01:00:15
8th 59 Carnie Jo 01:03:37
9th 142 MOSS VICKY 01:04:23
10th 138 Dineen Teresa 01:04:46
11th 85 quinn maggie 01:04:47
12th 157 Gillespie Janie 01:04:49
13th 55 Towers Jasmina 01:06:11
14th 153 Field Becky 01:08:08
15th 154 Leonard Anna 01:08:31
16th 151 Corke Anne 01:09:20
17th 53 sellors jane 01:09:35
18th 97 humphries Nesta 01:10:00
19th 141 Spawton Vanessa 01:12:17
20th 15 Thomson Carol 01:16:37
21st 159 Rogers Helen 01:19:58
22nd 127 Salt Sheila 01:53:43
Veteran Male
Pos Number Surname Forename Finish
1st 160 Conroy Simon 00:46:11
2nd 78 EVANS LEE 00:46:19
3rd 129 Connolly Steve 00:48:51
4th 20 Jackson Christopher 00:51:24
5th 136 Brandreth Steve 00:53:35
6th 135 MOSS STEPHEN 00:53:41
7th 119 Miriam’s Richard 00:54:01
8th 149 Singleton Shaun 00:54:42
9th 155 Rodick Jonathon 00:56:00
10th 150 Riley Nicholas 00:58:55
11th 152 Berry Simon 00:59:51
12th 118 Havenhand Richard 01:01:03
13th 62 Havenhand Jonathan 01:01:14
14th 45 Humphries Harry 01:01:18
15th 3 Boundy Alan 01:04:29
16th 103 Meldrum Peter 01:08:53
17th 26 Dixon David 01:09:31
18th 104 Jackson Phil 01:11:01
19th 156 Gillespie Charles 01:16:40