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As the last patches of snow start to disappear the trails are getting greener and Spring is most definitely on its way. Gloves and hats can be put back into the pack and time to dig out those sunglasses, well … almost! It’s hard not to enjoy Christmas and New Year and runners training programmes for their 2015 race schedule are kicking into action. Those first few long runs are always the tough ones but the rewards are just as great. 2015 looks to see some exciting new kit on the horizon, Mammuts trail running range is set to develop further and Ultimate Direction continue to push the boundaries of running pack design. As well as starting your training plan it’s a good time to get out all your running kit and have a proper sort out. Those well used shoes with your toes poking out probably justify a new pair, they’ll come in handy when you want to paint that room in the house that you promised you’d do. Lightweight waterproofs and wind proofs are ideal as the days get longer and the temperatures start to rise. An easy way to improve your times in races, whatever level you are is to reduce the weight of the kit that you’re carrying. Why not fill your pack as you would normally for a race, weigh it with some luggage scales or bathroom scales. Now flick through the pages on Outside, finding the lightest alternative for each piece of kit you’ve got in your pack (including the pack!). Add up this weight and see what the difference is, don’t forget, if you weighed your pack originally with water or nutrition to include this too (1L=1Kg). If you’re lucky there won’t be much difference, but you might find a big one – then you can work out what pieces of kit will give you the best weight saving. New kit, whether it’s a new pack or a pair of socks will help encourage you to get out and train. Don’t miss out on those bargains too, there are plenty to be had, check you the Outside bargain area and look for special offers. Happy New Year from all the Dig Deep team and welcome to 2015! Dig Deep Peak District: Ultra Tour of the Peak Distict Peak Trails Intro Ultra 12.12 Whirlow 10km Dig Deep Suffolk: Ultra Tour of Suffolk Suffolk Trails Intro Ultra Rendlesham 20km Rendlesham Dash

Christmas Wish List: Dig Deep Peak District

Santa Claus is coming and fingers crossed you’re in his good books because Santa means presents! Whether you’re writing your own wish list or trying to find a present for a runner it can be pretty tricky to come up with ideas. We’ve put together this list of ideas for Christmas gifts, ideal for any runner from Outside, Official Retail Partner of The Dig Deep Peak District.

1. Petzl MYO RXP £80.00
Runners don’t stop running when it’s a dark winters eve, the Petzl MYO RXP is a bright, comfortable and reliable head torch ideal for training and commuting in the hours of darkness.

2. Extremities Windy Glow Glove £20.00
These lightweight gloves provide protection from the cold while allowing your hand to breath and the brightly coloured inner makes them easy to see when they’re on or off your hands.

3. Mammut Eiger Extreme Moench Longsleve Top £99.00
No-one likes to be cold and with the Eiger Extreme top on you’ll be toasty and warm on the coldest of trails. An ideal winter baselayer for when it’s really cold and everyone is hiding inside.

4. Ultimate Direction PB Adventure Vest V2 £121.00
Winter running means more kit and you’ll need somewhere to keep it stashed while you’re on the trails, the PB Adventure vest provides a comfortable solution to storage and has the reputation to back it up.

5. Clif Bar £1.49
Everyone needs stocking fillers, instead of a chocolate bar mix things up with a Clif Bar or two. Yummy and great for when you go out on that Christmas day run that you promised yourself.

6. OS Explorer National Parks Digital Maps £40.00
Plan your next run with this great selection of maps for your computer, including a map of The Peak District National Park, home of The Dig Deep Peak District.

7. Entry to The Ultra Tour of the Peak District £60
The ultimate gift for a runner, a place in the toughest race in the Peak District National Park.

Ultra marathon nutrition

We have now finished filming the 2nd in our series of three films following the training plans of three athletes who are all competing in the Ultra tour of the Peak District this June 21st/22nd.  This month we have been talking about the effects of nutrition on the body when competing in something as physically and mentally challenging as an ultra marathon.  Nutrition seems to be a minefield and in every article you read on it, you will find something that contradicts everything you have been taught.

The overriding message from listening to Sally, Amy and Matty’s opinions seems to be – listen to your body, and just use common sense.  Stay away from processed food on the whole – stick to meals that you make yourself from scratch but make sure that you treat yourself from time to time.  Interestingly both Sally and Amy mentioned that when they are racing in ultras, food becomes something to look forward to – something that drives you on to the next checkpoint, a reward for your efforts.   I have definitely found that when you are going through a low point in a race and you still have a long long way to go, the thought of launching myself on the food at the next checkpoint always picks me up…vulture.

Amy talked about how she likes making her own energy food and views gels as a last resort, Sally switches between both making her own and snacking on food such as Running Food’s Chia Charge and Matty is a huge fan of Torq gels as a source of immediate energy but also as it can bring the weight of his pack down.  I think it is very easy to get bogged down in reading various articles and following new superfood trends, and it is easy to forget that everybody is different.  What works for one person doesn’t mean it will work for everybody.  Some people crave sugar when running and others need savoury.   It’s also important to take into account what you find easy to digest – the last thing you want to worry about when you are 30 miles into a 60 mile race is your digestion playing up – there isn’t much to hide behind on Stanage Edge!

A tip I was given before my first ultra was to make sure to hydrate well before the race – and to actively go out of my way to drink way more water from about three days before hand.  With hindsight it seems quite obvious but then it didn’t even cross my mind to start hydrating before I was was even thirsty.   According to a few articles I’ve read we should be looking at drinking around 3 litres of water a day  (it seems to vary from researcher to researcher), just during a normal working day, how many of us can say we drink that much?!  It takes quite a lot of effort and a lot of bathroom trips to drink 5 pints!

Sally mentioned one thing that stuck in my mind, and that is that she makes sure she eats a colourful diet – that is one lesson that I had been taught years ago but i’d forgotten whilst being preoccupied trying to cram as many superfoods onto my plate as possible!

Possibly one of the driving forces for me was something Matty mentioned:  the great thing about running in ultras is that you are able to pig out at the end of them – 60 miles for as much macaroni cheese as I can eat – ok then!

Hope you enjoy the film and good look with the training…


It’s only 40 days until the Dig Deep Peak District

– still time to book yourself onto a race!  We have everything from a 60 mile to a 10k to choose from!




Trail races and ultra marathons in Suffolk

Check out our latest addition to the Dig Deep Race Series: Dig Deep Suffolk, 6th&7th September 2014.

Featuring 4 fantastic trail races through Suffolk:

5.5 mile Rendlesham Dash Suffolk Trail Race starts at 10:30am on Sunday 7th September £13.00

20KM Rendlesham Suffolk Trail race starts at 10:15am on Sunday 7th September £17.00

28 mile Suffolk Trail ‘Intro Ultra’ starts at 10am on Saturday 6th September £40.00

50 mile: ULTRA Tour of Suffolk (Suffolk trail ultra marathon) starts at 8am on Saturday 6th September £55.00



Matty Brennan training blog & updates

Here is an update from Matty Brennan – our Dig Deep Peak District competition winner.   The next you will be seeing of Matty will be in the next trail running training film and we will be talking about his nutrition – hopefully with three very different athletes we should get a good cross section of knowledge and experience when it comes to nutrition.

trail races suffolk trail races peak district

Suffolk trail races and ultra marathons 2014. Peak district trail races and ultra marathons 2014

“The last few weeks havebeen a bit of a mixed bag – had a fantastic result from the Grizedale Trail 26, coming 2nd in 3:37, but then caught a dose of man-flu, which hasn’t been helpful to my training at all!
The week ending with the Grizedale race was my biggest so far, covering 54 miles, with the last 2 weeks both at around 20, with approximately 2 or 3 runs per week, with my pace massively off.

Feeling much better now however, with a big trail running weekend this weekend – running around Shropshire and the Long Mynd tomorrow (Saturday 15th March) with the Torq Performance Trail Team, and then another long one Sunday at the UTPD recce day.

My first “tester” trail race is a week on Saturday, the Hardmoors 55. I’m rested, recovered and ready for it”


Matty Brennan, training diary for UTPD

Matty Brennan, training diary for UTPD

Thank you to everybody who joined us on the Dig Deep Recce day – it was a fantastic event, even if the weather wasn’t as kind as the week before.  The event was led by Dave Taylor of Fell Running Guide and Ian Loombe our Race Director.  Outside were fantastic hosts and we will be meeting there for the next one!

If you missed the March Recce Day don’t worry, our next one is on 13th April – follow this link to book your place: April Recce Day


If you need to scrub up on your navigation then it’s worth having a gander at the Navigation course, which are run by Dave Taylor of Fell Running guide – the next course is on the 12th of April: Book Here

In other news have you seen us in the latest edition of Trail Running Magazine?  Make sure you pick up your copy quick to be in with a chance of winning a fantastic bag from our sponsors Mammut – and the chance to win freeentry to any of our Dig Deep Peak District races!

trail running magazine 

Trail races and ultra marathons in Suffolk

Check out our latest addition to the Dig Deep Race Series: Dig Deep Suffolk, 6th&7th September 2014.

Featuring 4 fantastic trail races through Suffolk:

5.5 mile Rendlesham Dash Suffolk Trail Race starts at 10:30am on Sunday 7th September £13.00

20KM Rendlesham Suffolk Trail race starts at 10:15am on Sunday 7th September £17.00

28 mile Suffolk Trail ‘Intro Ultra’ starts at 10am on Saturday 6th September £40.00

50 mile: ULTRA Tour of Suffolk (Suffolk trail ultra marathon) starts at 8am on Saturday 6th September £55.00



92 Days To go…#DigDeepPeakDistrict !!

There is now 92 days to go until the UTPD trail ultra marathon and Amy has sent us her latest training installment.  You’ll be seeing a bit more of Amy in our next film where the emphasis will be on nutrition, which I’m sure many of you will agree is a bit of a minefield! There is so much information out there it’s hard to know where to start and what is right for one person isn’t always the best thing for another.  So hopefully our next film might be able to give you an idea on where to start and also an insight into how other athletes eat.  Happy training this weekend and now over to Amy…

trail running races in the peak district

“I’ve just finished the 12th week of my 25 week training plan for the UTPD, which has been a 60 mile week.  The whole plan looked really daunting when I stuck it on the wall at the end of last year, so it’s really satisfying to see I’ve now nearly reached the halfway point!

I’ve been really enjoying my long runs over the past few weekends. I think this is in part due to improving weather (a little bit of sun does a lot for morale!) and also part due to the fact that I have been noticing improvement in my performance – I feel like I’m hurting less and recovering faster than before and it’s good to think that my hard work is taking effect!

Amy Freeman, training for UTPD, in Mammut

Amy Freeman, training for UTPD, in Mammut

I ran my first long race of the year this weekend, the 32 mile Haworth Hobble, and I really enjoyed it. My first ultra was the Dig Deep Intro last July, which took me 7 hours to complete. The Hobble has similar elevation and is 2 miles longer, but I finished in 6 hours which I am super happy with. It was also nice to meet fellow UTPD first timer Drew, who recognised me from the training blog video, and chat about our training over post-race stew!

The UTPD is almost double the distance of my current long run, so I still have a lot of work to do and miles to clock in preparation.  But as I’m starting to see the effects of my training, I’m feeling confident I can get there. Fingers crossed!”


Check out our latest addition to the Dig Deep Race Series: Dig Deep Suffolk, 6th&7th September 2014.

Featuring 4 fantastic trail races through Suffolk:

5.5 mile Rendlesham Dash Suffolk Trail Race starts at 10:30am on Sunday 7th September £13.00

20KM Rendlesham Suffolk Trail race starts at 10:15am on Sunday 7th September £17.00

28 mile Suffolk Trail ‘Intro Ultra’ starts at 10am on Saturday 6th September £40.00

50 mile: ULTRA Tour of Suffolk  (Suffolk trail ultra marathon) starts at 8am on Saturday 6th September £55.00