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Christmas is over – Let’s Run!

Christmas is over, that wonderful time of year which involves (amongst other things!), food and a lot of socialising and not so much of the old exercising.  As much as we all love running, sometimes we need that extra push to get out on the trails after a few days of over-indulging so we talked to a few of our experienced runners to find out how they get themselves back in shape after the holiday period and these are their tips:

1. Run with someone.

It’s much easier to put off going for a run if you haven’t committed to someone else.  New Year is just around the corner so now is a good time to get that resolution into gear and  join a running club.  Running clubs are brilliant way of meeting people like you, and there is always someone who runs at your pace, whether you are a gnarly experienced fell runner, or new to this whole running malarky.   Book yourself onto a running course, brush up on your skills with others at your level, learn something new! http://www.fellrunningguide.co.uk/

Dig Deep races 12.12 and 10km route

Dave Taylor of Fell Running Guide flying down the side of Higger tor. Part of the Dig Deep 10km and 12.12 route

2. Dress for the weather.

Sounds obvious doesn’t it?! But it’s easy to do and before you know it just because you couldn’t be bothered to pick up your gloves from the floor upstairs, means that your hands are now turning a beautiful shade of blue.  Does it look like rain?  If you have to ask this question, you can probably guarantee it will be chucking it down within a few miles and you’ll be one soggy runner – gets a little more serious if you slip and end up limping back cold & wet… and don’t forget to check the batteries in your headtorch!!

3. Start easy.

Your calves will not thank you the next day after spanking out a 20 mile run in those new barefoot trail shoes.

4. Incorporate other training.

Matt Green, from Everywhere Without Delay, suggests climbing as a great way to build up your core muscles.  After a local Peak District race which involved a technical downhill stretch he noticed the next day that his stomach muscles were shredded and decided to focus on climbing as a way to strengthen these muscles and to increase his stability.

5. New Gear!

Did Father Christmas bring those longed for new trail shoes, sealskin socks or coveted hydration bladder?  What more incentive do you need?! Or, there are the sales on at the moment, and it really is very good value and you wont find it at a better price and you have been very restrained this year, and well…you deserve it!

Have a look at the sale at Outside 😉

6. Enter a race

The ultimate motivation – having a target to work towards, and funnily enough we know of some really awesome trail races  coming up in June… http://www.digdeepraces.co.uk/


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