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Walesby Whole Hog
November 22, 2010, 11:09 am
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This last weekend was the last event for 8.2 for the 2010 season. The Walesby Whole Hog isnt a long course – only just reaching the 10k mark – but it packs a punch!

It was another cold and gloomy day but the competitors were in high spirits as always. The usual routine of registration, briefing, and then filing out for the race start was soon followed by the Hog ‘honker’ which signified the start of the race… The usual quick kilometers followed which ‘warm up’ the runners and split the pack. Two slightly undulating kilometres to the spiders maze then an awkard few kilometers through the forest brought the runners to the start of the real obstacles.

Up and down the hoggers went through the hillside climbs (a series of steep ascents and descents) making sure they were nice and warm before the start of the lakes section. 1st came the swamp section which was quite wet and closely followed by a soaking crawl on their hands and knees through the swamp and then a double crossing of the river via the rope bridges. Luckily the water was only waist depth here so most people mamaged to miss a proper dunking! More swamp led to the infamous Hog Pit crawl… A short climb then led to the mesh run which thoroughly wetted the runners front and back!

Time for a quick sprint to the monkey climbs which got the arms going! Uphill for a short section then over the bandstand and on to the team challenge! Inspired by the Parachute Regiments log race test the competitors had to pick up a 12 foot tree log and carry it through a series of obstacles. Team work was required to master this section which then led on to (perhaps the most memorable for some) the cave maze! A thin rope was all that guided the competitors through a totally pitch black (well… we did let them have a few light sticks) series of tight twists and turns.

Time to stretch the legs as the final few kilometres led out back through the river and then on to the final challenge of the day – a short river stretch followed by a climb up and out back on to dry land. Wet and tired the competitors had now less than a kilometre to run to make the finishing line! If it all sounds easy enough; it isnt!

Well done to all those brave hoggers who took part and a  big thanks to Smartwool for sponsorship!

Even photos can be viewed at www.fotoevents.biz


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