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Dig Deep Races 2014
July 15, 2013, 11:10 am
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With just under 400 people signed up for the various Dig Deep trail races and a very hot  forecast, it was always going to be a steamy few days!

The Mammut Ultra Tour of the Peak District started at 8am – however the temperature was already in the low 70’s (topping 90 – 95 later in the day). Edward Catmur took an early lead and maintained this throughout the race eventually winning in 10.37 which was a fantastic time in the conditions. Equally impressive was 1st lady Zoe salt who also took 2nd place overall in 11.21. The last runners crossed the line at around 5am! Good effort!

What was very evident is that the UTPD is not to be under estimated and the brutal conditions combined with what is a very tough course made for a very hard day out for everyone who took part. Well done to everyone who stood on the start line on Saturday morning!

The OMM Intro Ultra started just 2 hours later at 10am on Saturday morning and the temperature was now in the mid 80’s. Again, it was all about managing the conditions but there were some impressive and brave performances from many athletes. Michael Sprot won the men’s race in 5.22 and looked remarkably cool at the finish line. In the female race special mention must be given to Pat Goodall who, as an over 50 Veteran female runner, was the first lady back in 6.35. A fantastic race for Pat!

Sunday’s  Berghaus 12.12 race started in slightly cooler conditions though many of the runners who I spoke to on the first proper climb would have argued that it was plenty warm enough! Steve Franklin won the men’s race with just under 4 minutes to spare on the 2nd place runner Pete Norris in 1:30:32. Rosie Haddock won the women’s race in 1:50:38 with just over 3 minutes to spare on Caroline Richardson.

Finally, the Whilrow 10K Trail race was also a hotly (ha, ha) contested race but, by the finish line, Adam Dunajko had over 4 minutes on the 2nd place runner with a time of 41:21. The women’s race was much closer but Justine Head got the fastest female time at 52:08 (winning the over 40 category) whilst Rebecca barker won the senior female race in 1:00:26.

Id like to thank all the sponsors of the event as the prizes and support (and freebies) were amazing this year. Outside not only provided retail for the event but they supported us throughout the build up. They are developing their trail running lines in their stores so they are worth a look if you are after some kit! Please use them as without their support we wouldn’t have such a great event. Mammut, OMM and Berghaus supplied us with some amazing prizes so we have to offer a huge thanks to them too. Injinji and CLIF were also amazing with well over £1500 worth of socks and nutrition/hydration handed out as freebies!

Dave Taylor, from fell Running Guide, worked tirelessly throughout the event and also supports the races. He also supplies navigation courses so one or two of you might want to give him a call before next year’s race!!!

Thanks also to Whirlow Hall farm who allowed us to use their venue! We have raised well over a £1000 just from the 10k income and that figure is rising!


Mammut Ultra Tour of the Peak District

Name CourseClass RaceTime Status
Edward Catmur SnrMale 10:37:41
Zoe Salt SnrFem 11:21:35
David Symons VetMale 11:50:31
Dan Shrimpton VetMale 12:33:29
Fraser Hirst VetMale 12:46:37
Chris Rainbow SnrMale 12:59:15
Ross Mallet SnrMale 13:02:27
Darryl Watton VetMale 13:40:47
Neil Summerside VetMale 13:58:07
Kate Whitfield VetFem 14:55:22
Simon Walker SnrMale 14:58:24
Angela Armstrong SnrFem 15:04:12
david hourigan SnrMale 15:19:09
Sarah Ledbury VetFem 15:46:04
Jonathan Lucas-Frost SnrMale 15:47:54
Edwin Colton SnrMale 16:28:34
Christian Hall Naylor SnrMale 16:37:19
Sharon Bolister FemOvr50 16:37:21
Eliot Weatherill SnrMale 16:37:35
graeme mccarthy VetMale 16:38:52
Paul Miller MaleOvr50 17:49:23
James Stephenson SnrMale 18:39:13
Thomas Garrod SnrMale 20:31:57
Jonathan Douglass SnrMale 20:32:00
Lindsey stewart FemOvr50 dnf
Matthew Lister SnrMale dnf
David Roberts SnrMale dnf
Kenny Walker SnrMale dnf
Matt Gaskell SnrMale dnf
Sal Chaffey VetFem dnf
Mo Overfield VetMale dnf

OMM Intro Ultra

Name CourseClass RaceTime
Michael Sprot Senior Male 05:22:30
Martyn James Senior Male 05:45:06
Mark Pursell Senior Male 06:08:13
SIM0N BENNETT Veteran Male 06:12:47
Gary Brooks Veteran Male 06:18:36
Ryan Keyworth Senior Male 06:22:47
Robert Eaton Senior Male 06:23:38
Oliver Rodwell Senior Male 06:25:46
Luke Owen Senior Male 06:33:12
Andrew Chester Veteran Male 06:34:23
James Cripps Senior Male 06:34:26
Paul Barton Senior Male 06:35:30
Pat Goodall Female over 50 06:35:35
Ian Coates Senior Male 06:38:45
joanne walker Senior Female 06:51:08
linda isherwood Female over 50 06:56:46
Patrick Babb Senior Male 06:56:48
Phil Applegate Senior Male 06:57:11
Chris Brumby Veteran Male 07:00:37
Bethany Thompson Senior Female 07:00:38
Amy Freeman Senior Female 07:02:08
Andrew Truswell Senior Male 07:02:41
Bernhard Wagner Senior Male 07:05:26
Jordan Smith Senior Male 07:06:59
Lee Walker Senior Male 07:09:10
Andrew Hubert Senior Male 07:10:14
Nick Ward Senior Male 07:18:34
Ben Brindley Senior Male 07:19:21
richard firth Senior Male 07:20:26
Mick O’Hanlon Veteran Male 07:20:44
Marek Fuks Senior Male 07:21:14
Cressida Pearce Female over 50 07:24:19
jez portman Senior Male 07:26:00
Tim Shiles Veteran Male 07:26:51
Philip Kelly Senior Male 07:27:37
Marcus Adams Veteran Male 07:33:33
Lee Wasden Senior Male 07:34:23
MICHAEL Senior Male 07:34:24
Jack McNeil Senior Male 07:37:21
Gavin Pumford Senior Male 07:38:24
tim elkington Senior Male 07:56:38
david moffat Senior Male 07:57:36
David crilley Veteran Male 08:03:56
Neil Hopwell Veteran Male 08:03:57
Rick Anderson Senior Male 08:09:48
Susan Hall Senior Female 08:12:13
Samantha Calladine Senior Female 08:16:21
Simon Hollis Veteran Male 08:23:14
Jon Tatham Veteran Male 08:23:49
Peter Kenny Senior Male 08:32:16
Anna Swallow Senior Female 08:32:39
Kevin Coughlan Senior Male 08:38:56
Andy Williams Male Over 50 08:44:07
Andy Earp Male Over 50 08:44:09
Rich Clague Senior Male 08:48:36
Peter Smith Veteran Male 08:54:04
Greg Carr Senior Male 08:54:13
Peter Henley Senior Male 08:54:58
Eddy Beullard Senior Male 09:18:45
Franck Michoux Senior Male 09:18:51
Sally Cox Female over 50 09:28:31
Petra Duguid Veteran Female 09:28:38
Nicola Parsons Senior Female 09:33:18
Simon Dawson Senior Male 09:33:20
Jason Bulley Veteran Male 09:48:35
Michael Escolme Veteran Male 09:48:37
Paul NICHOLLS Veteran Male 09:48:42
Jane Shadforth Veteran Female 11:30:31
Tony Senior Male 11:57:57
Ben Goddard Senior Male 11:58:00
SHAUN GODDARD Male Over 50 11:58:05
Paul Wilgoss Female over 50 13:05:04
Peter Billington Male Over 50
nathan stead Senior Male
Matthew Brown Senior Male
Vicent Martinez Gosp Veteran Male

Berghaus 12.12

Name CourseClass RaceTime Status
Steve Franklin Senior Male 01:30:32
Pete Norris Senior Male 01:34:26
Alex Weatherill Senior Male 01:38:33
Mark Havenhand Veteran Male 01:40:22
Mark Kemp Senior Male 01:41:40
Jevgenijs Petrovs Senior Male 01:42:03
Thomas Smith Senior Male 01:42:45
Richard Quantrill Veteran Male 01:43:01
Andrew Davies Veteran Male 01:44:36
andy barnett Male over 50 01:46:43
paul reaney Veteran Male 01:47:10
Alex Eberlin Veteran Male 01:47:52
Richard Self Veteran Male 01:48:34
Stephen Crownshaw Senior Male 01:48:59
Richard Powell Senior Male 01:49:30
Kevin Carter Senior Male 01:50:33
Jonathan Haworth Senior Male 01:50:36
Rosie Haddock Senior Female 01:50:38
Ian Spriggs Senior Male 01:50:43
Adam Hayward Senior Male 01:51:05
james upton Senior Male 01:51:45
Jason stott Senior Male 01:52:19
Luke Spindlove Senior Male 01:53:51
Caroline Richardson Senior Female 01:53:54
Mat Simister Senior Male 01:53:55
Tom Richardson Senior Male 01:53:56
Dorothy Pelly Female over 50 01:56:17
DENNIS LEARAD Male over 50 01:59:30
Andy Wright Veteran Male 01:59:42
Melanie Seymour Senior Female 01:59:53
Jamie Doward Veteran Male 02:00:02
Kevin Megson Veteran Male 02:00:35
Matthew Mardling Senior Male 02:02:30
Martin Smith Male over 50 02:03:22
Stephen Radford Veteran Male 02:03:50
Christopher Smith Veteran Male 02:03:54
Emma Dent Veteran Female 02:04:03
Daniel Allen Senior Male 02:05:37
Lesley Turner Veteran Female 02:05:48
steve russell Senior Male 02:06:14
Matt Worthington Senior Male 02:06:39
Shane Nicholl Senior Male 02:08:30
PHIL HOWARTH Senior Male 02:09:58
James Smith Veteran Male 02:10:25
Andrew Lager Senior Male 02:11:47
Keith Williams Senior Male 02:12:08
David Davis Veteran Male 02:13:06
ian potter Senior Male 02:13:07
Melanie Adams Veteran Female 02:13:11
David Perkins Senior Male 02:15:18
Jacqueline Oosterwegel Female over 50 02:15:47
JAMES ALLEN Senior Male 02:16:20
Emily Copping Senior Female 02:16:35
Wil Oosterwegel Male over 50 02:18:02
Richard Anderson Senior Male 02:19:02
John Gorman Male over 50 02:19:23
Davide Costanzo Veteran Male 02:19:26
John Richardson Veteran Male 02:21:14
Vanessa hodgetts Senior Female 02:22:37
Samuel Clark Veteran Male 02:26:03
Elizabeth Herridge Senior Female 02:26:09
David Parr Veteran Male 02:27:32
Paul White Senior Male 02:27:36
Caroline Lloyd Senior Female 02:28:40
Jo Carnie Veteran Female 02:28:45
Adrian Carder Male over 50 02:29:16
Maria McDonald-Leach Veteran Female 02:29:29
Adrian Leach Veteran Male 02:29:30
Daniel Hawkins Senior Male 02:30:27
Monica Boland Veteran Female 02:32:24
Greg Goddard Male over 50 02:33:44
Rodrigo Carvalho Senior Male 02:33:48
Jane Harriman Female over 50 02:34:02
Christopher Walker Male over 50 02:35:41
Helen Eachus Senior Female 02:36:48
Louise Dove Senior Female 02:37:35
Oliver Lougheed Senior Male 02:37:53
James Thompson Senior Male 02:37:57
Andy White Senior Male 02:38:02
Leigh Wykes Senior Male 02:38:10
Gordon Hutchins Male over 50 02:38:33
Tom Mayell Senior Male 02:38:35
Cheryl Hutchins Female over 50 02:38:36
Clare Pheasey Veteran Female 02:38:44
Elaine Tatham Senior Female 02:38:45
Catherine Greaves Veteran Female 02:39:23
Terry Coppenhall Male over 50 02:39:25
Helen Clarke Senior Female 02:40:47
Andreea Lazar Senior Female 02:41:52
Mari Thorman Senior Female 02:42:26
DAVID RAYNES Male over 50 02:45:50
YVONNE FOX Female over 50 02:45:53
chris upton Senior Male 02:46:02
Jeff Fairfield-Read Veteran Male 02:46:06
Caterina Sciamanna Female over 50 02:46:48
Emma Bryce Senior Female 02:48:30
Stephen Day Male over 50 02:49:11
Victoria Carter Senior Female 02:49:32
Kate Wright Senior Female 02:49:49
Harriet Eisner Veteran Female 02:53:36
Sally Scales Veteran Female 02:57:39
Carey Girling Senior Male 02:57:41
Simon Gregory Senior Male 03:06:21
Jill Young Veteran Female 03:13:20
Paul Nicholls Senior Male 03:13:24
Karen Lovatt Veteran Female 03:13:26
stuart james gregory Senior Male 03:22:51
Hilary Harvey Female over 50 03:29:03
Diane Goodwin Senior Female 03:29:03
Micky Wright Senior Male dnf

Whirlow 10k Trail race

Name CourseClass RaceTime
Adam Dunajko Senior Male 00:41:21
Oskar Solvason Senior Male 00:45:50
Kenny hunter Veteran Male 00:46:31
nigel howard Senior Male 00:49:05
Stuart Vas Senior Male 00:50:30
Jon Osborne Senior Male 00:50:33
Dominic Brown Veteran Male 00:51:25
Mel Beever Male over 50 00:51:34
Justine Head Veteran Female 00:52:08
Aron Spall Senior Male 00:52:20
lee wakelin Senior Male 00:52:30
Brett Senior Male 00:52:40
Jonathan Thornton Senior Male 00:52:55
Colin Jacobs Veteran Male 00:53:28
Eric Devries Senior Male 00:53:50
Gary Brooks Veteran Male 00:54:25
Chris Blundell Senior Male 00:55:05
Sam ransom Senior Male 00:55:46
Adam rowland Senior Male 00:55:47
James Keightley Senior Male 00:57:19
David Jacobs Veteran Male 00:57:33
David Greenwood Veteran Male 00:57:36
Richard Nakielny Senior Male 00:57:39
jonathan newsome Senior Male 00:57:41
Barney Williams Veteran Male 00:57:43
Lee Curtis Veteran Male 00:57:45
Martyn Jones Senior Male 00:57:53
Andy Heap Senior Male 00:58:31
Richard Lomas Veteran Male 00:58:48
Christopher Whitfield Senior Male 00:59:40
Joel Civico Veteran Male 00:59:49
Rebecca Barker Senior Female 01:00:26
Emma Hanna Senior Female 01:01:27
Tammy Rainbow Veteran Female 01:02:15
Rachel Jackson Veteran Female 01:02:23
Lisa Newton Senior Female 01:02:32
Jeremy Brewster Senior Male 01:02:36
Jill Lomas Veteran Female 01:02:53
alison carr Veteran Female 01:03:36
Anne-marie Carey Veteran Female 01:03:39
Clare Longstaffe Senior Female 01:04:05
STEVE CROFTS Male over 50 01:04:09
Duncan Sargeson Veteran Male 01:04:22
Maggie Gorman Female over 50 01:04:58
Jesse Davies Senior Female 01:05:51
Norah Davies Senior Female 01:05:52
Chris Smith Senior Male 01:06:02
Lydia Benns Senior Female 01:06:32
Verity Cole Senior Female 01:06:32
Lodewyk De Clercq Male over 50 01:06:34
Fleur Roberts Senior Female 01:06:43
Amy Sheppard Senior Female 01:06:57
Melanie Woolnough Senior Female 01:07:27
Danni Jameson Senior Female 01:07:47
Emma Williams Senior Female 01:08:58
Julian Ramus Senior Male 01:09:15
Andrew Lake Senior Male 01:09:29
Jennifer Regan Senior Female 01:09:36
Ashley Simmons Senior Male 01:10:34
katherine speyer Senior Female 01:10:40
Rachel Walkden Senior Female 01:11:40
Laura Salt Senior Female 01:12:22
Catherine Sykes Senior Female 01:12:42
Anna Garner Senior Female 01:14:04
Anna Gould Female over 50 01:14:12
Will Hargrave Senior Male 01:14:20
Andy West Veteran Male 01:14:46
Annette Parker Veteran Female 01:18:02
Julia Patterson Senior Female 01:22:01
Karen Entwisle Senior Female 01:22:40
Paul Holden Male over 50 01:22:43
Jessica Stafford Cameron Senior Female 01:26:04
Catherine Simpson Female over 50

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