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Suffolk Whole Hog Team Race Results 04/11/2012
November 5, 2012, 9:42 am
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Snr Female
Pos Team Name Finish
1st Muddy Beavers 01:25:22
2nd Team Umizoomi 01:27:48
3rd Pink Ladies 01:28:24
4th Hippy Chicks 01:31:50
5th Strangers in the mud 01:44:56
6th Crack Family Robinson 01:50:13
7th ELJ Manoeuvres in the Mud 01:50:48
8th 132 B Team 01:53:40
9th Fitness Unit – Bonds Girls 01:58:52
10th Yummy Mummy’s 02:08:22
11th The Tough Debs 02:10:19
12th Mud Bunnies 02:13:44
13th Hopefuls 02:27:26
Snr Male
Pos Team Name Finish
1st 2 physios and an accountant 01:02:28
2nd The Fitness Unit – Hard as Muck 01:04:36
3rd Two Wrights & a Wrong 01:05:09
4th the ole scramblers 01:09:02
5th The Fast, The Funny and the Fugly 01:10:00
6th 132 A Team 01:12:13
7th the paramudics 01:14:21
8th Right Said Fred 01:16:36
9th The good, the bad and the ugly 01:16:46
10th Harder than you 01:17:24
11th Ludus Letharios 01:19:32
12th Amarinth Burners 01:20:25
13th im going to grape you 01:20:36
14th The Fitness Unit – Dirty Ditch Dodgers 01:22:41
15th Wattisham’s Heroes 01:23:16
16th Three’s Company 01:24:26
17th Spider Pigs 01:25:18
18th Blue Steel 01:26:24
19th Team BP Boys 01:27:55
20th Wii ‘Not’ fit 01:28:39
21st Lastminute.com 01:29:09
22nd The Financial Wizards 01:29:31
23rd The Youth Club 01:30:18
24th Beer Mugs 01:33:52
25th What happens in the valley stays in the Valley 01:34:07
26th The Abdominal Showmen 01:34:34
27th 132 C Team 01:36:24
28th The Expendables 01:37:53
29th LV= Fraud Team 1 01:40:33
30th Kit Katastrophe 01:40:38
31st LV= Fraud Team 2 01:42:28
32nd The Fast and Furious 01:43:08
n/c PPDM 01:46:52
33rd Team Finch 01:49:03
34th Three Men and a Little Lady 01:51:10
35th hollywood dockers 01:52:10
36th Norfolk and Chance 02:01:17
37th Mud Wrestlers 02:15:53
Snr Mixed
Pos Team Name Finish
1st BeytonDynamo 2 01:15:25
2nd The Wright Stuff 01:18:09
3rd Unfit Misfits 01:18:33
4th The Wasters 01:36:00
5th Jaffa Piglets 01:39:22
6th Sparta 01:41:29
7th Sufink About Truffles 01:45:29
8th Hans Heroes 01:45:34
9th Fitness Unit – Smooth Operators 01:47:07
10th Big Test Icicles 01:47:34
11th Muddyfunksters 01:47:52
12th Geoffs Troopers 01:48:41
13th Team Jo 01:48:46
14th fitness unit 01:52:38
15th Second Time Around 01:54:29
16th Da Browns 01:54:39
17th Dirt Devils 01:56:33
18th Team BP Girls 01:59:39
19th Coast Busters 02:00:41
20th Give it a Go 02:01:11
21st PIGS MIGHT FLY 02:07:27
22nd Super Siblings 02:08:01
23rd Hog-Warts 02:16:32
24th Day Release 02:19:08
25th You didn’t tell me that there were monkey bars 02:19:47
26th Misfits 02:20:17
Vet Female
Pos Team Name Finish
1st Dirty Badgers 01:29:40
2nd Mothers Madness 01:32:55
3rd We don’t do monkey bars 01:37:05
4th Team Madness 01:44:47
5th Mucky Maidens 01:45:16
6th Clitorish Allsorts 01:55:35
7th Friends Return 02:00:30
8th Woodbridge Wench 02:02:14
9th 3 Shades of Grey 02:04:15
10th Norwich Trotters 02:46:45
Vet Male
Pos Team Name Finish
1st Beyton Dynamo 1 01:06:47
2nd Nearly Past It 01:07:37
3rd Jaques Disciples 01:11:43
4th Woodbridge Wasps 01:16:42
5th We Remember Mike Neville 01:18:58
6th They really should to know better 01:21:37
7th Relegation Zone 01:22:11
8th stragglers 01:27:36
9th Fuddy Muckers 01:31:23
10th G and P Dreamers 01:40:10
11th Ravenwood 01:44:00
12th I’d Rather Be on My Bike 01:51:14
13th The Saints 02:31:41
Vet Mixed
Pos Team Name Finish
1st The Jaffa Trotters 01:22:21
2nd Felixstowe Mud Runners 01:25:03
3rd Semi Defrosted 01:36:16
4th Frozen Solid 01:36:18
5th Bacon Buddies 01:40:26
6th Chop Chop 01:53:05
7th The Traitors 02:15:05
8th The Wollowers 02:27:56

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3rd time I’ve done the Whole Hog in Suffolk and it was the best ever. Great course, great organisation. Really enjoyed it.

Any idea when the pics will be available to view?

Comment by Will Wright

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