Eight Point Two

Suffolk Whole Hog Individual results 03/11/2012
November 4, 2012, 9:10 am
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Snr Female Surname Forename Finish
1st Grimes Marie 01:18:34
2nd Jenkins Karen 01:18:38
3rd Dewick Sally 01:21:12
4th Simpson Rhiannan 01:21:19
5th Mann Elaine 01:22:27
6th Gray Emma 01:29:32
7th Thornton Kate 01:30:59
8th Pavely Linda 01:35:39
9th Lutterveld Vicki van 01:37:05
10th Handscombe Georgina 01:38:33
11th Burley Nichola 01:41:04
12th Macdougal Rebecca 01:41:09
13th Sivalokanathan Suganthinie 02:04:48
Hill Caroline dnf
Snr Male
Pos Surname Forename Finish
1st Squirrell Chris 01:05:55
2nd Damant Gavin 01:15:06
3rd Spandl Richard 01:15:09
4th Turner Andrew 01:15:31
5th thompson jason 01:16:07
6th Kilgallon Robbie 01:17:32
7th Jeffers Steven 01:18:12
8th Kok Marcel 01:19:26
9th Stevens Richard 01:21:37
10th Hunt Jason 01:24:36
11th Smit Andries 01:26:47
12th Bown Jonn 01:26:55
13th Dowers Sam 01:28:43
14th Gilligan Robert 01:28:44
15th Johnston Kevin 01:28:50
16th Sturman Michael 01:29:05
17th Howard Mike 01:30:35
18th Drake Andy 01:31:05
19th Redington Toby 01:31:56
20th Finch Matthew 01:33:28
21st Shaw Stephen 01:34:18
22nd paveley adam 01:35:36
23rd Brown Dan 01:36:17
24th Lutterveld Breunus van 01:37:07
25th garraghan keren 01:38:05
26th Ali Kamran 01:38:13
27th Mullan David 01:38:24
28th thomson alex 01:42:50
29th Connelly Dale 01:43:28
30th Connelly Terry 01:43:36
Vet Female
Pos Surname Forename Finish
1st Vick Sarah 01:27:48
2nd Cage Diane 01:38:21
3rd Mayhew Claire 01:38:40
4th Chapman Caroline 01:41:59
5th Dally Rachel 01:46:01
6th Mayhew Anna 01:55:27
Vet Male
Pos Surname Forename Finish
1st Tilly Keith 01:00:34
2nd Connor Sean 01:09:18
3rd Walne Jason 01:10:08
4th Osborn Scott 01:14:11
5th Lees Jon 01:18:22
6th Daley Richard 01:22:42
7th Carty John 01:25:06
8th Solway Ben 01:29:08
9th Frost Rindy 01:29:37
10th Spurgeon Terry Robert 01:36:28
11th Cage Steve 01:37:45
12th McConnell Stephen 02:03:38

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