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Suffolk Whole Hog Team Race
November 7, 2011, 12:48 pm
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Yesterday was the day for the team race!

With just over a 100 teams competing it was always going to be a busy day but after the success of the individuals day we were confident of another good day. The course followed pretty much the same route as the individuals race but also included a team challenge which involved dragging concrete posts around a short-circuit!

The race started well with the competitors making good times around the earlier section of the route. Unfortunately, unbeknown to us, somebody had tampered with an early section of the route which caused some of the leading teams to go off route! However, the mistake was soon rectified but the course tampering resulted in some strong teams losing much time and their rightful places in the race! We were obviously hugely disappointed about this and are still trying to get to the bottom of who might have removed the vital signs and tape. Needless to say it was very disappointing for the faster teams!

However, the race continued and the hole was plugged soon after it had been made meaning that the majority of teams were soon following the course as it was laid out. There were a number of good times made yesterday including another sub hour result from the leading all mens team! Another excellent time! It was a great effort from all of those teams that took part – especially those of you who did the extra loop. Big thanks once again to the Fitness Unit who sponsored the event. Thanks Guys!! Until next year!

Results are below and pictures are available at : http://www.photoboxgallery.com/3035436








2 physios and an accountant Snr Male 00:59:16 1st 1
Great Yarmouth Road Runners Vet Male 01:21:36 1st 2
Woodley’s Wally’s Snr Male 01:22:35 2nd 3
The Liberte Twin Trotter Trio Snr Mixed 01:23:29 1st 4
Blue Steel Snr Male 01:23:54 3rd 5
The Dawdling Duffers Vet Male 01:24:27 2nd 6
Bacon Buddies Vet Male 01:24:36 3rd 7
Tri Hard Snr Male 01:25:56 4th 8
Nearly Past It Vet Male 01:27:28 4th 9
charlies angels Snr Mixed 01:27:37 2nd 10
Where’s Neil Vet Male 01:28:05 5th 11
The Fitness Unit – Beach Boys Snr Male 01:28:19 5th 12
Spider-Pigs Snr Male 01:28:33 6th 13
CMF WONDERBOYS Snr Male 01:28:50 7th 14
The Fast, The Funny and the Fugly Snr Male 01:29:49 8th 15
Del Boys Trotters Snr Male 01:30:27 9th 16
The Pink Ladies Vet Female 01:31:09 1st 17
The Fitness Unit – Eye Candy Snr Mixed 01:32:16 3rd 18
DW Sunrise Vet Male 01:33:07 6th 19
Grange Fitness 7 Snr Male 01:33:14 10th 20
Ashton KCJ Veterans Vet Male 01:34:19 7th 21
Jit flicking mad for it Snr Mixed 01:34:58 4th 22
Grange Fitness 5 Snr Mixed 01:35:22 5th 23
The Sheen Spear Winning System Snr Male 01:35:46 11th 24
Team Awesome Snr Mixed 01:36:14 6th 25
Mixed Trouble Vet Mixed 01:36:28 1st 26
Angels with dirty faces Snr Female 01:37:22 1st 27
Wild Boars Vet Male 01:37:46 8th 28
2 Runners and a Tri’er Snr Mixed 01:39:00 7th 29
OMG Snr Female 01:39:20 2nd 30
Two Wrights & A Wrong Snr Male 01:40:31 12th 31
The Young And The Decrepit Snr Mixed 01:40:50 8th 32
Grange Fitness 3 Snr Female 01:40:57 3rd 33
Dirty and Lv= it! Snr Male 01:41:02 13th 34
PT+ Snr Mixed 01:41:57 9th 35
CMF 0% Angels Snr Female 01:42:49 4th 36
Jaques’s Disciples Vet Male 01:43:28 9th 37
Team Shotley Snr Mixed 01:44:28 10th 38
The Jelly Babies Snr Female 01:45:23 5th 39
BeytonDynamo II Vet Mixed 01:45:56 2nd 40
The Dandylaines Snr Mixed 01:46:22 11th 41
Hogging the limelight Snr Mixed 01:46:40 12th 42
Team Liberte Snr Mixed 01:47:15 13th 43
The Spit Roasters Snr Male 01:47:31 14th 44
Tri Nations Snr Male 01:50:27 15th 45
Tango Two Nine Snr Mixed 01:51:23 14th 46
alde angels Vet Female 01:51:53 2nd 47
Amarinth Pumps Snr Mixed 01:52:16 15th 48
Fairy Dancers Vet Male 01:52:40 10th 49
Andreas Friends Vet Female 01:52:50 3rd 50
Mortimer, Moore, Jason Snr Mixed 01:54:44 16th 51
The Jamie Renaissance Snr Male 01:55:25 16th 52
Beyton Dynamo I Vet Male 01:56:42 11th 53
MUD Snr Female 01:56:59 6th 54
T with 2 lumps Vet Mixed 01:57:18 3rd 55
Only Fools No Horses Snr Mixed 01:57:47 17th 56
Mud sweat and beers Vet Female 01:58:11 4th 57
The Muddy Beavers Snr Female 01:58:17 7th 58
The Fitness Unit – Dirty Ditch Dodgers Snr Male 01:58:29 17th 59
The Edwards Three Snr Male 02:00:20 18th 60
The Pork Scratchings Snr Male 02:00:37 19th 61
Save Our Bacon Vet Mixed 02:00:37 4th 62
Muddy Angels Snr Female 02:00:51 8th 63
Wag’s Warriors Snr Female 02:01:42 9th 64
The Underdogs Vet Male 02:03:03 12th 65
Higgledy Piggledy Snr Female 02:03:57 10th 66
saxons Snr Mixed 02:04:43 18th 67
Coston, Lees, Bateman Vet Male 02:04:58 13th 68
Bury Bootcamp Snr Male 02:05:52 20th 69
Should have trained harder Snr Mixed 02:06:32 19th 70
Blood Sweat and Beers Vet Male 02:07:06 14th 71
The LAGgers Vet Mixed 02:07:57 5th 72
Muntons girls Snr Female 02:08:20 11th 73
The Gungans Vet Mixed 02:08:35 6th 74
Peninsula Plodders Vet Female 02:09:07 5th 75
The Shlaaaags Vet Female 02:09:58 6th 76
Melton Mingers Snr Mixed 02:10:07 20th 77
Grange Fitness 4 Snr Mixed 02:12:25 21st 78
Hippy Chicks Snr Female 02:12:43 12th 79
The Fitness Unit – Jo’s Vet Mixed 02:14:14 7th 80
Team Brown Snr Mixed 02:14:26 22nd 81
Seddon Crewe Smith Vet Mixed 02:15:04 8th 82
framlingham fatties Snr Mixed 02:15:30 23rd 83
Three Girls and a Goat Snr Mixed 02:17:55 24th 84
Woody & The Delivery Boy’s Snr Mixed 02:18:00 25th 85
The Jaffa Trotters Vet Mixed 02:19:02 9th 86
Reservoir Hogs Snr Mixed 02:19:25 26th 87
Team Awesome II Snr Male 02:20:37 21st 88
The Fitness Unit – I need to smash the cardio work Snr Male 02:20:50 22nd 89
The Fitness Unit – The Flying Stoats Vet Female 02:20:54 7th 90
Grange Fitness 6 Vet Mixed 02:21:41 10th 91
Team Felixstowe Snr Male 02:23:35 23rd 92
Jonesy’s Jewel’s Vet Male 02:25:35 15th 93
The Young Ones Vet Mixed 02:27:14 11th 94
Norfolk-In-Chance Snr Mixed 02:29:00 27th 95
Bringing home the bacon Snr Mixed 02:29:24 28th 96
Grange Fitness 1 Snr Mixed 02:29:45 29th 97
3 Libertarians Snr Female 02:29:53 13th 98
The Scrappy Do’s Snr Female 02:31:11 14th 99
Shy Teds Snr Mixed 02:31:43 30th 100
Grange Fitness 2 Vet Female 02:32:50 8th 101
The Knackered Neons Snr Female 02:35:52 15th 102

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Could you indicate on the results which teams took the wrong route? It’d be nice to know where we might have finished had we not gone the wrong way.

Aside from that disappointment, I have to say it was a great event. Looking forward to next year already.

Comment by Alistair Duke

Hi Alistair

We were really dissapointed too – glad you enjoyed it all the same.

Whilst we know which teams went astray its difficult to calculate what effect the mistake made on them – which is why we chose not to try yesterday. Of the teams which went astray some realised that there wasnt any route markings and turned back and re joined the proper route meaning only a very short increase in time whilst some carried on a fair distance meaning a much longer time penalty. The best you can do is to roughly calculate how long you spent ‘off route’ and compare with other times – however, its not going to give you an accurate placing because of the issues I mentioned above.

Comment by 8point2

We too took a wrong turn and went at least 5k off the route,as well as doing several obstacles twice.This was followed by a 25 minute wait for the zipwire. First time I’ve done it so really disappointed, but will do it next year.Maybe more marshals and no zip wire for 2012.

Comment by Emily

Fantastic day, definatley enter it again, only gripe was the team who beat us by a minute jumped the queue in front of us at the zip wire, hence getting to the other side much quicker.!

sorry just had to mention this.

Comment by Andrea Friend

I think we all appreciate that its impossible to figure out who should have placed where, but it would still be appreciated if you could asterisk by the names of the teams that went off route and please at least give us that to show that there was a problem.

Comment by Sue Woodhead

Brilliant event! really challenging, but so much fun, definitely will be doing it again next year. Only comment I would have is that there was quite a bit of waiting time to do some of the obstacles, such as the zip wire, but did give us chance to catch our breath.

Comment by Rick

I wouldn’t exactly say that the waiting time at the zip wire was good to catch a breath – more like time to well and truly freeze and then have to run another 2 miles on cold and stiff muscles promoting injury!! – Not that I’m bitter about having to run an extra 4.5k!

Comment by Lucy

Great fun, but as one of those who ended up doing almost 18k due to the sabotage of the route markers, it is annoying to see our time well over the 75 min mark we did the true course in. Bring on next year and a few more stewards to keep an eye on things, cheers.x

Comment by Martin Culpeck

Think the zip wire should be dumped – took nearly half an hour to queue up for it.

Comment by Murray Jervis

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