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Suffolk Whole Hog – Individuals Race
November 7, 2011, 11:54 am
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Our first individual race at Wantisden, Suffolk was a great success. As it was its first year we didnt expect high numbers but those who did come brought some quality and speed with them. The course was, as usual, a fast first half interpersed with a few simple obstacles. Then came the first proper area of wet obstacles including river crossings, the Hog Pit, Tunnel of Love and the digger trenches. A short lap was then followed by the monkey bars and the Bomb Crater. Another short run led on to the Tunnels and a further river crossing.

The last few km took in the zip slide and then the cross country route over the hay bails and back to the finish!

It was an excelent fast race with Sam O’Neil and Alastair Wright both being the first to break the hour barrier!

Pictures available at http://www.photoboxgallery.com/3035436

Sam O’Neill Snr Male 00:52:25 1st 1
Alastair Wright Snr Male 00:58:46 2nd 2
Chris Squirrell Snr Male 01:00:58 3rd 3
Dale Robinson Snr Male 01:01:43 4th 4
Darrell Sampson Snr Male 01:01:50 5th 5
Simon Asher Snr Male 01:02:45 6th 6
Jason Walne Vet Male 01:03:29 1st 7
Andrew Turner Snr Male 01:03:35 7th 8
Bradley Taylor Snr Male 01:04:08 8th 9
Paul Nedd Vet Male 01:05:50 2nd 10
Sean Connor Vet Male 01:05:55 3rd 11
Thomas Robinson Snr Male 01:05:58 9th 12
Callum Gibson Snr Male 01:06:19 10th 13
Nicholas Holder Vet Male 01:06:41 4th 14
Alan Brown Snr Male 01:06:45 11th 15
Julie Dovey Vet Female 01:07:15 1st 16
Katie Miller Snr Female 01:09:32 1st 17
James Knowles Snr Male 01:09:39 12th 18
Andrew Greenwell Snr Male 01:09:49 13th 19
Alex Leeson Snr Male 01:10:10 14th 20
Phil Davies Vet Male 01:10:40 5th 21
Andy Bailey Vet Male 01:14:44 6th 22
James Leggett Vet Male 01:15:21 7th 23
Kelvin Mayhew Snr Male 01:16:07 15th 24
Jon Bestow Vet Male 01:17:06 8th 25
Jonn Bown Snr Male 01:17:10 16th 26
Alex Blake Snr Male 01:17:24 17th 27
Benjamin Solway Vet Male 01:18:41 9th 28
Elaine Mann Snr Female 01:18:46 2nd 29
Louise Walker Vet Female 01:19:21 2nd 30
Ross Wishart Snr Male 01:21:06 18th 31
Robert Wicks Vet Male 01:21:32 10th 32
Phil Castle Vet Male 01:22:32 11th 33
Adam Neidle Snr Male 01:25:21 19th 34
Mark Tica   Snr Male 01:25:58 20th 35
Debbie Cornish Snr Female 01:26:01 3rd 36
Adam Paveley Vet Male 01:27:05 12th 37
Linda Griggs Vet Female 01:27:11 3rd 38
Clare Moodie Snr Female 01:29:41 4th 39
Sue Fry   Snr Female 01:29:47 5th 40
Claire Mayhew Vet Female 01:32:51 4th 41
Simon Terry Snr Male 01:32:55 21st 42
Daniel Malcolm-Stewart Snr Male 01:32:55 21st 43
Elaine Macey Snr Female 01:32:57 6th 44
Dan Brown Snr Male 01:37:37 23rd 45
Hayley Ferriss Snr Female 01:44:07 7th 46
Caroline Hill Snr Female 01:44:54 8th 47
Adele Lloyd Snr Female 01:44:58 9th 48
Joanne King Snr Female 01:45:00 10th 49
martyn dunsdon Snr Male 01:58:29 24th 50
Nicola Spinks Snr Female 01:58:58 11th 51

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