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Safe At Last – Big Challenge
August 17, 2011, 11:50 am
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We have completed the itinerary for the Safe At Last race to be held at Rother Valley on the 18th September. Heres a brief description of what its all about!

The Challenge is comprised of 20 checkpoints and the runners will try to visit as many as they can within a 3 hour period. Each checkpoint visited is worth 50 points meaning that there is a maximum of 1000 points available. Shortly before the race starts the runners will be given their race maps and will then have to plan their route around the Rother Valley site. To complete them all will mean a roughly 12 mile run, however teams can pick their own route and the distance will vary accordingly! Covering roughly 6 miles will allow the runners to visit all of the main challenge areas but for those wishing to really push themselves the extra checkpoints are there for the taking!

 At the check points there will be a ‘dibber’ to check in with and on at least 10 of the check points there will be additional challenges: Some of these are as follows:

Team to complete 300 burpees!

Team to complete 300 sit ups!

A 5 legged obstacle course

Water run

Killer Hill memory test

Lung Power balloon challenge

Spiders web challenge

Colour code memory test

Shifting sands challenge

Water pipe challenge

If you want any more information please check out the following links:

http://www.weekendatlast.co.uk/?p=428 and www.facebook.com/thebigadventurechallenge


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Cant wait! Bring it on!!!

Comment by Mark Smith

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