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Challenge Yourself!
February 9, 2010, 11:00 am
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With all the cold and grim weather that has been hitting the UK over the past few months its difficult to imagine a time when you will be able to get outdoors without frozen fingers and a runny nose! Its also very difficult to get motivated for any training which you might have in mind (rememeber those New Years resolutions you made to stop drinking, eat better and do more exercise??).

We thought that it was time to give you a little inspiration for 2010..

We have 3 Challenges events to ‘tickle your fancy’. You dont have to be superfit to do any of them but a little training goes a long way!

The Whole Hogs

We now have 4 events in our open events calendar for 2010 plus we are running an additional events for Marie Curie (Scotland) and Safe at Last (Sandbeck – Nottinghamshire). You should expect to run/walk around 6 to 8 miles over cross country terrain. We usually go looking for hills, bogs and mud so expect to get muddy, wet and tired. There are normally around 20 additional challenges and obstacles to negotiate on the way but they dont require any technical knowledge, more just an ability to grin and bear a little discomfort!

To train for these events a bit of running and walking is essential and a bit of upper body strength is often useful. However, all sizes and shapes have completed the events. Expect the event to last bewteen 1 and 3 hours depending on your levels of fitness. A serious workout for everyone!

Yorkshire 3 Peaks

Another great Challenge which should be on everyone’s tick list! The event is comprised of a natural 25 mile circular walk, the Yorkshire Three Peaks starts and finishes at Horton-in-Ribblesdale, visiting the three highest peaks in Yorkshire – Pen-y-ghent (691m), Whernside (728m), and Ingleborough (723m). Its extremely popular with walkers and with charity fundraisers.

To train for this event you need to spend lots of time on your feet so there isnt any specific training needed other than plenty of walking. If you can include a few hills in to your training then all the better. Most people finish the challenge in around 10 – 12 hours which is a long time to be hoofing it around the hills.

You should always remember to take special care of your feet (we recommend carrying zinc tape) and carry good quality waterproof clothing as the conditions can get quite grim!

National 3 Peaks

This is the most demanding challenge of the trio! The challenge is to climb the three highest peaks in England (Scafell 978m), Wales (Snowden 1085m) and Scotland (Ben Nevis 1344m), within 24 hours (dont get too hung up on the time – most people dont make it in under 24 hours as the journeys between the mountains can often be slow)). Having walked this event on several occasions over the past few years I can testify to the amount of training required!

Physically and psychologically this is a difficult challenge to prepare for. Normally you would expect 3 big mountains to climb, a reasonable amount of bad weather, a long journey in a minibus full of tired people, some very tired legs and feet and the added discomfort of having to walk at least one mountain in the dark!

So why do we do it? Well, without a doubt, its a massive achievment and the sense of pride you feel having completed it is enormous! We still get approached by people who completed the challenge years ago remarking on what an incredible thing it was that they done!

To prepare for the National 3 Peaks you need to include lots of time walking, preferably up and down hills! If you are only able to train in gyms then bikes/stairmasters etc are the things to get you going. There is a lot of up and down so get ready for it – your knees take quite a bashing so seriously consider walking poles to alleviate the strain.

Hopefully the Challenges above have got you motivated for some serious fun in 2010. Great to do for yourself – even better to do it for charity! Take a look at the open event dates for 2010 to see whats on offer!

Happy training!


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