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Alton Boss Hog 2008
December 16, 2009, 3:32 pm
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A brief dash around the meadow led down on to the overflow car park which was now overflowing with foot high grass! A 1 1/5 km circuit was punctuated by the first serious obstacle of the day which was a  crawl under a 30 metre net which was then followed by a low tree climb and then a scramble through a ‘grab’ ropes course. More grass galloping was needed to get out of the meadow.

The course now winded down hill to ‘the tunnel’. 20 metres long and, (just) big enough when you are on all fours! Not great for claustrophobic’s but there were only a few refusals who took the piglet option of a 2 minute time penalty! Off your knees then down to the boggy trench – no refusals but there were a few lost shoes in the sucking mud.

The course now winded down through meadows and finally up to Alton castle. A short rope climb led in to the castle’s crypt. Pitch black and 50 metres long the passage winds through the basement of the building before emerging out back in to daylight again. A low ropes course led back under the castle and up again on a steep rope climb!More beautiful wooded tracks led on to the next series of obstacles: a collection of ‘up and over’ beams and climbs.

It was down hill now for a 1 ½ km fast stretch to the next activity area. The rivers were the main attraction here and the competitors were in and out of the river battling the current and tired legs.

Another 1 km stretch of flat track led up hill then very steeply up hill on fixed ropes to emerge at the last challenge which was another low ropes course. A gentle up hill section of 500 m followed to the finish line where weary legs were allowed to rest at last!

All in, the entire course was just over 7 miles long and had a great diversity of hills, bog and river!

With just under a 100 competitors it was an excellent day for all – even those who lost their shoes in the mud. Many thanks to all of the competitors and to Alton Towers and Alton Castle for the kind use of their facilities.

Dates are already set for 2009 so see you there next year for a bigger and better course!


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